Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated several development projects during his Gujarat tour on February 25, 2024. One of the significant projects unveiled was the Sudarshan Setu Bridge, which spans 2.5 kilometers and stands as India’s longest cable-stayed bridge. This bridge, also known as the Okha-Bet Dwarka Signature Bridge, connects the Okha mainland with Bet Dwarka island.
The Sudarshan Setu Bridge is a remarkable infrastructure project, incorporating modern features such as solar panels installed on the upper parts of the footpath. These solar panels have a capacity to generate one megawatt of electricity, showcasing a commitment to sustainable energy solutions.
The construction of the Sudarshan Setu Bridge, undertaken at a cost of approximately Rs 980 crore, received approval in 2016, with Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari endorsing the project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the bridge on October 7, 2017, marking a significant milestone in its development.
This bridge holds immense importance for visitors to the Dwarkadhish temple, as it facilitates easier access between the Okha mainland and Bet Dwarka island. Previously, pilgrims had to rely on boats for transportation, which often resulted in time-consuming journeys. With the Sudarshan Setu Bridge now operational, transportation between Raka and Bet will be significantly improved, saving time for the approximately 10,000 beneficiaries, many of whom are economically disadvantaged.
Additionally, the bridge is expected to enhance the appeal of Devbhukhara as a tourist destination, further boosting the region’s tourism potential. Overall, the Sudarshan Setu Bridge stands as a testament to India’s commitment to infrastructure development and sustainable energy initiatives, promising improved connectivity and economic opportunities for the region.

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