Steps to improve memory

Dear Editor,
We have often heard that many people face loss of memory or are very forgetful in their daily activities. Memory problems could be due to various reasons.
We go around asking people and surfing to find better ways to improve memory. What exactly is memory? Memory is basically the ability to store, retain, and retrieve information.
Through the medium of your esteemed daily, I would like to share a few simple procedures and exercises for attaining good memory within a short period of time.
Write down things you are grateful for: It is a great step to take as a beginner and this would enable you to start thinking of the events of the day.
During this process, you would find yourself being grateful for certain events that took place.
Paragraph of positive experience: The day has many events happening. Before going to bed, make it a habit that you write down at least one small paragraph of a positive experience that you went through the day. Definitely, every day would have some positives for you.
Exercise: Exercising is also the best way to circulate oxygen in your body and your brain needs good amount of oxygen to stay fresh and healthy.
Have proper diet: Food is important by all means for you. Food not only fuels your body but also the contents in the right proportion help your brain cells to be active and energetic.
Try having small meals for 5-6 times, rather than the 3 large meals. Pay attention: Paying attention to your surroundings is one good way of improving your memory. It is a pathway to boosting your memory.
Stay organised: A cluttered mind would not be able to recall things. Organise yourself. Following a pattern of maintaining your daily accessories or maintaining a diary, or having reminders or simply maintaining notes, would help you to plan things and help you to stay in order. Visualise events: Your brain has great powers of imagination and visualising things. When reading a book or listening to anything, visualise them. Pictures leave back greater effects than words.
Repeat: Try repeating the information for several times, so that sticks to your mind. When you rewind the information, the chances of remembering are more and the tendency of forgetting becomes less.
Vijay Garg

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