Shiv Sena raises demand for renovation of ancient Hindu temples associated with Amarnath Yatra

First Darshan, Ganpati temple, limited to sign board and worshipful stones


JAMMU: Shiv Sena (UBT) Jammu and Kashmir unit has voiced serious concern over the dilapidated condition of the ancient Mamleshwar and Ganeshbal temples near the main base camp of the Shri Amarnath Yatra in Pahalgam.
A team of party leaders led by state chief Manish Sahni on Sunday visited Pahalgam to assess the arrangements for the Yatra and inspected the conditions of these revered Hindu temples.
Addressing the media, Manish Sahni highlighted the deplorable state of these temples, particularly the Ganesh Temple of Ganeshbal, which he described as reduced to mere remnants and a signboard due to damage caused by floods in Kashmir back in 2014.
Despite a decade passing since the disaster, the temple has not been reconstructed, which has deeply hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus who consider it a significant site for pilgrimage, Sahni said.
He recounted the mythology associated with the Mamleshwar temple, where Goddess Maa Parvati is believed to have bathed at a waterfall within the temple courtyard and assigned Bhagwan Ganesha the duty of guarding the entrance.
According to legend, an altercation led to Lord Shiva beheading Ganesha, only to later revive him upon Parvati’s insistence. The stones at the temple are revered as they are believed to bear traces of Bhagwan Ganesha’s blood, adding to the temple’s sanctity for Hindus and tourists alike, Sahni said.
Emphasizing the religious importance of these sites, Sahni called for immediate action to reconstruct and restore the Mamleshwar and Ganeshbal temples associated with the Shri Amarnath Yatra.
He urged authorities to respect and honor the sentiments of the Hindu community by ensuring the preservation and enhancement of these revered places.
Women’s Wing President Meenakshi Chhibber and General Secretary Vikas Bakshi were also present during the address.

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