Sham urges Sunderbani-Kalakote electorate to vote for development, justice under Modi’s leadership


SUNDERBANI: Former Minister and State Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Sham Lal Sharma, addressed a massive gathering at the Sunderbani-Kalakote Assembly constituency on Wednesday, urging the people to vote in favor of BJP MP candidate Jugal Kishore Sharma.
In his address, Sham Lal highlighted the significant strides made by the Modi government, particularly emphasizing the sense of justice that the people of Jammu have experienced following the abrogation of Article 370.
He underscored that under previous regimes of the National Conference, Congress, and PDP, the people of Jammu felt neglected and cheated, with the lion’s share of development and opportunities favoring Kashmir.
Sham further asserted that the era of dynasty politics, which had plagued both India and Jammu Kashmir, is now being replaced by governance that prioritizes the interests of the nation as a whole.
He credited the strength of Sanatan Dharma and the monumental achievements such as the construction of the Ram Mandir after 500 years and the establishment of a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Sham emphasized that under the governance of the BJP, there has been a noticeable calmness along the borders, creating an environment of stability and tranquility in the border regions of Jammu. This sustained peace has not only safeguarded the lives and livelihoods of the residents but has also paved the way for enhanced economic activities and social development in these areas.
Highlighting the incumbent government’s transformative initiatives in the Jammu province, Sham enumerated a litany of landmark projects aimed at fostering prosperity and well-being. From prestigious educational institutions like IIT and IIM to critical infrastructure projects such as FCI, AIIMS, and the Shahpur Kandi Project, the government’s unwavering focus on holistic development stands testament to its commitment to the region’s progress.
Encouraging the electorate to once again empower Prime Minister Modi, Sham Lal Sharma called for a resounding victory for the BJP, aiming for a historic achievement of securing over 400 seats in the upcoming elections.
Former Minister Priya Sethi, in a resounding show of support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lauded his transformative leadership, hailing him as a beacon of progress and a global statesman. Sethi emphasized the unparalleled strides made under PM Modi’s stewardship, propelling India into a new epoch of development and elevating its stature on the world stage.
She also emphasized the 33% quota for women’s representation and highlighted the passage of a bill extending the provisions of the women’s reservation law to Jammu and Kashmir, labeling it a “significant step” towards empowering women in the region. Sethi asserted that women’s empowerment is synonymous with national empowerment, emphasizing that both women and the nation are poised to reach greater heights during the Amrit Kaal till 2047. As the electoral landscape takes shape, Former Minister Priya Sethi’s impassioned endorsement of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and unequivocal support for Jugal Kishore Sharma resonate as a clarion call for unity and progress, setting the stage for a resounding victory in the Jammu – Reasi Constituency.

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