Save Water: Save Energy

Nature has bestowed us many invaluable things such as Air, Water, Earth, Sun, Moon and nine lac twinkling stars. On mother Earth, we all humans undoubtedly depend on them for our living. We are also dependent on water which otherwise called as elixir while daming in the shape of reservoir of water channelizes properly produces electricity which is popularly known as ‘Energy’, is to be used wisely. Since it is very useful in every sphere of man’s life be it running fans, fridges, TVs, internet in a technological and digital era. Man’s life is wholly dependent upon this precious energy.
To be polluted free environment Govt. has jumped over to run e-vehicles. With ever-exploding population man’s needs are increasing not just for his needs but more beyond greed. So, it is very necessary to save water as to save energy. As the sources of groundwater level are being depleted all over the world. If efforts are not made to save water it would be difficult for man’s survival without water, air and food which grows with the help of water.
Through the columns of your esteemed paper I would like to extend my message to all that let us save each drop of water considering it to be necessary for the sustenance of the lives of coming generations.
Tara Chand Bhagat
Talab Tillo Jammu.

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