Role of Senior Citizens’ in the society

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your newspaper, I wish to convey some vital role of Senior Citizens’ towards society. Senior Citizens Club Udhampur has always been motivating senior citizens to share their life experiences with the society. For any kind of activity towards the society the seniors need to focus on certain aspects. The most important aspect is that it is very important to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance with the aging of senior citizens. Because it is vital to any act of meaningful contribution. Conscious efforts should be made to maintain good physical health through regular and balanced diet, physical exercise and keeping mentally active and fit through meditation. Mentoring/guiding is an important contribution to develop and facilitate the younger generation to take decisions related to their lives, moving away from the active leadership role of the family. Knowledge sharing by seniors will go a long way in creating an ideal environment for families. Helping the needy is an important role. Many people in our society need different types of support: some need financial and others non-financial. Seniors are especially in an ideal position to provide non-financial support because they have more time to spare. If one is in a position some financial help should be given to the genuine needy. It is not enough to live for oneself; it is equally important to live for others. This is the only way any society can move towards development and prosperity. As the saying goes, it is not important how long you live, but how well you live for others.
Mahadeep Singh Jamwal
Senior Citizens’ Club Udhampur).

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