Restore 4G internet services

Dear Editor,
Almost a year after the high-speed mobile internet services was snapped in Jammu and Kashmir, there has been a growing demand from youth for the restoration of the services.
The Jammu and Kashmir government continues to maintain that the restoration of the high-speed mobile internet service would be detrimental for the security situation in Kashmir valley and that terrorists might misuse the service to carry out infiltration and attacks in the newly carved Union territory. But is it the real reason behind this?
The youth across the Union Territory especially the Jammu region say that for the past one-year Jammu has been suffering for sins of anti-national elements of Kashmir. Jammu has always been peaceful, so high-speed internet services should be restored in Jammu.
Jammu does not deserve to suffer for the wrongs of the anti-nationals and the government must immediately restore the high-speed internet services in Jammu as Jammu has always been peaceful and people here are nationalists.
The youth in Jammu is missing a lot of opportunities and is unable to compete with the youth of other states owing to the unavailability of the high-speed internet services. While others are discussing 5G we are still stuck with 2G. Government must understand that hig-speed internet is not a luxury but it’s a necessity in today’s world.
The students are the worst sufferers because in the times of COVID-19 their educational institutions have shifted to online mode and they are unable to understand the class lectures due to poor 2G network.
Students, Commercial houses, traders, businessmen, professionals and media fraternity have also incurred losses worth crores over past 11 months due to non-restoration of 4G internet services.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to request the LG to restore 4G mobile internet services in Jammu so that the students do not suffer any more.
Rita Sharma,
Greater Kailash.

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