Provide free parking slots

Respected Editor,
I may bring your kind attention to a very serious problem of parking for several hundreds of people visiting daily in both passport office and govt Hospital Gandhi Nagar.
In absence of requisite parking slot the people are facing a lot of harassment by the traffic police in the name of no parking area and sending online challans to a number of people daily.
The yellow line parking slot is not sufficient in the area for parking a large number of vehicles of the people visiting both in passport office and govt Hosipital.
Therefore, It is humbly requested to make the parking in the said area free like outside the Super Speciality Hospital Road, Bakshi Nagar and save the helpless public from being harassed by the said agency in the name of no parking area.
It is important to consider and review the said problem on humantarian grounds and also on basis of helpless of both concerned agencies and the public to provide requisite parking in the area in
absence of available space for the said purpose restricted to yellow line parking slots where only few vehicles can be parked.
Yours sincerely,
Dhian Singh.

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