Pernote Landslide Ramban

Dear Editor,
Pernote is a village in District Ramban which is 5 km from Maitra Ramban . Geologically Pernote comes under Murre formation which has loose rocks. Muree consists of rocks like Red, brown and grey sandstone, claystone, shale, with inliers of limestone age of these rock formation is early miocene to oligocene.
On 28 April 2024 at 4 pm minor cracks started developing in land and near about 7 pm major cracks also developed in houses and during night time around 11pm a large part of the hill got displaced, the total displacement was around 40 m approx with a depth of 12 m approx, the total length of the landslide from the crown to the base upto river chenab is 2000 m approx.
Pernote Landslide (debris slide) involved overburden mostly mud and some rocks.
Pernote Landslide occurred due to steep angle of hill slope, tectonic activities and perculation of water. Several structures are affected due to this landslide which includes 40 houses, road and cultivated land. Rainfall is the trigger of landslide in pernote area of district ramban. This area comes under a high risk zone with reference to landslide. The whole stretch from Nashri to ramban is prone to landslide. Construction along this strech should be done by proper geological investigation.
Vikshay Kumar and Ranvir Singh

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