‘Pension Adalat’ for August 2022 conducted by EPFO Jammu


JAMMU: “Nidhi Aapke Nikat” and “Pension Adalat” for the month of August, 2022, were conducted by EPFO Regional Office, Jammu on Wednesday here to resolve the claim of stakeholders of Jammu & Kashmir.
Mahesh Chander Padha, VP, Tourist Trade People Federation and Nikhil Padha appeared along with grievances of workers engaged in different Organisation. They were advised to provide relevant documentary evidences to enable the Office to initiate further action.
Some of the employers were advised over telephone to redress grievances/issues being faced by the workers.
Rakesh Kumar, an employee of M/s. BD Security and Shoib Ahmed from M/s. Intex Tech, appeared in the “Nidhi Aapke Nikat” programme with the request to merge their P F account. They were advised to submit offline form-13.
Sourabh, employee of M/s. Regional Research Laboratory School, Canal Road, came with the request to process E-sign. On enquiry, it was found that there was no request pending for approval. He was advised to submit again of E-sign of the authorized signatory of the establishment.
Sunita, an employee of M/s. Shan and Associates visited the office as the member does not have the UAN. Using the IT tools of EPFO, UAN of the member was traced out and provided to her as the Aadhar of the member was already linked with her UAN. She was also advised to update her bank KYC and apply for claim. Ramesh Kumar Raina -a retired employ of JKSFC appeared with the request to merge his two UAN as he was unable to apply online. It was found that “Date of Exit” in his previous UAN was not marked. He was advised to update his date of exit through his employer and apply for “One Member One EPF Account” online. Mahesh Sharma appeared in the programme to update the missing detail of his wife’s UAN namely Shivalika Sharma. Rizwan Uddin, RPFC-I ordered to process the Joint Declaration and same was processed. Amar Jeet Singh visited with the request to update missing detail as his joint declaration, whose was employer was not traceable. Based on documentary evidence produced by Amar Jeet necessary directions were issued by Commissioner to subordinate Officers to redress the issue. Son and Wife of Raj Kumar an employee of Highland Automobile visited the office with the request to update the PAN KYC of Raj Kumar which was not approved by employer. RPFC-I personally talked with the MD of M/s Highland Automobile over telephone and advised him to update the KYC of employees. Two employees of M/s G4s secure solution India private limited appeared as both have the same name and employer updated their KYC wrongly. His employer is advised to provide a clarification letter to make necessary corrections. Sanjeev Kumar, SSSA initiated 802 claims on 09.08.2022 which is a major landmark for any individual in EPFO. Altogether Sanjeev Kumar processed more than three thousand claims on previous Saturdays and this Tuesday (09.08.2022), which is a commendable task. The endeavor of “Nidhi Apke Nikat” programme has always been to redress the maximum number of cases/grievances the same day or at the earliest.