One Nation, One Election

Dear Editor,
As we all know that the Indian Government is putting in extraordinary efforts in making India a Superpower. Among the various efforts that are being done by the government, one very important step that is under consideration is ‘One Nation, One Election’.
This move of the Indian Government, like always, has left the social media and world luminaries surprised . Belgium, Nepal, South Africa and Sweden have implemented ‘One Nation, One Election’ in one form or the other.
So here the question arises – What really is ‘One Nation, One Election’?
‘One Nation, One Election’ is a proposal to synchronize the elections of the Lok Sabha with the elections of all the other State Assemblies. Its benefits are that it would reduce the burden of the administration and the security. It intends to hold these elections simultaneously, either on a single day or within a specific time frame. Though there are some people who are opposing this step of the government by saying that if there would be elections (Both State and Lok Sabha election) at the same time then the issues related to the states would not be resolved as it will be mixed with the National issues but, if we see from the public’s point of view that what benefits they would get, “It is a very good initiative taken by the Indian Government”.
India has 28 States and 8 Union territories and due to elections in the States and UT’s almost the whole year around our administrative and election machinery remains busy. Pertinent to mention here is that due to frequent code of conduct, the development process also comes to a standstill. If One Nation, One Election is implemented it would release the burden off administrative and election machinery and focus shall be shifted to other important issues related to the India’s economy, education, defence and external affairs etc. However, it said that the Constitution, the Representation of the People’s Act 1951 and the Rules of Procedure of Lok Sabha and State Assemblies would require appropriate amendments to conduct simultaneous polls. So, we need to wait and see what time has in store for us. At last, I would like to say that our government is trying to make India-The Vishwaguru and a better place to live. So, we being the citizens of the country must co-operate with the Government which is doing so much for our prideful country India. And I am sure in the upcoming time India will rise and shine at the world level.
Kunwar Yashat Singh Pargal

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