Napak designs of Pakistan

Omkar Dattatray
The very foundation of Pakistan is based on hatred, religious bigotry and communalism. Ah! The only land of pure is only doing obscure and impure things. The present inhuman and uncivilized case of meeting of mother and wife with their son Kulbushan Jhadhav in Pakistan reflects the inhumanity of the Pak establishment. It is not the first case of such inhuman and uncivilized act of the state of Pakistan. Earlier bodies of Indian soldiers were mutilated beyond any recognition. Kulbushan Jadhav was falsely accused of espionage and working for the RAW. He was arrested from Balochistan on 3rd March last year. It snowballed into a flash point between India and Pakistan relations. In fact, Kulbushan Jadhav was implicated in a fabricated and concocted case on flimsy grounds and is at present under the captivity of Pak government. The ex-Indian Naval Commander had been convicted and death sentence pronounced to him by the military court of Pakistan. The death sentence of Jadhav has been stayed by the International court of Justice where India presented and fought the case. Pakistan government did not allow consular access to Jadhav as according to Pak establishment it was not applicable in case of so called espionage. However, Pak government agreed to allow Jadhav’s family to meet him. It was done under the guise of so called humanism and on Islamic tradition. Under well knit strategy the farce meeting between Kulbushan Jadhav and his mother and wife coincided with the birth anniversary of Mohmad Ali Jinnah to throw dust in the eyes of International community. The farce meeting has exposed the very credentials of the Pak establishment and lowered the image of Pak government before the world community. His mother and wife were not allowed to meet face to face but a glass barrier was erected between Jadhav and his family. It is a shameful act of Pakistan and cannot be called a family meeting. India was shocked and outraged at such a meeting and even the well meaning people of Pakistan did not approve it. As against the agreement between the two governments of India and Pakistan, the media persons were allowed to questions Jadhav’s mother and wife. What an inhuman act! The mother was asked uncivilized and insulting questions like how does the mother feel after seeing her son Jadhav who has killed so many people in Pakistan and whose hands are socked with human blood. Mother and wife of Jadhav were given Pakistani dress and were asked to wear it and were stripped off their own dress. This is a big insult to them and to the whole India. Besides this, they were asked to talk in English language and not in their mother tongue Marathi. The sham meeting also preceded with the removal of Mangalsutra and the bindi which any Indian women would resent but how could they because of being in the hostile environment and the country. They were also asked to remove bangles from their arms. What the height of insult and humiliation heaped on mother wife duo of Jahdav. Bindi and the Mangalsutra are the
religious signs and their removal was the attack on the religious sensibilities of the two. All this shows that they were not allowed to talk in a free environment but were coerced to talk as the Pak foreign office wanted them to do. Thus they were humiliated to the hilt. The two ladies were strip searched and humiliated and one is reminded of the days of Mahabharatha when Drupti was stripped by Korvas but lord Krishna came to her rescue and saved her from humiliation. But here there is no Krishna to save the two women from humiliation. The mother and wife duo were asked to change their shoes also which is the height of humiliation. Not only this but when the farce drama of meeting enacted by Pakistan was over, the shoes of the wife of Jadhav were not returned. See to what extent the Pak established has stooped. When the so called meeting was over, the Pakistan high commission authorities kept the mother and wife of Jadhav and the Indian high commissioner waiting so that media men will put all irrelevant and insulting
questions to them. It was done under a well knit and intentioned plan. The
meeting was all farce and no secrecy was observed.
The meeting was held under the
surveillance of Pakistani establishment. It seems that Pakistan-the only land of pure is Pak in theory but Napak in practice.

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