Modi’s welfare schemes given new hope to J&K people: Chugh


BANDIPORA: BJP is committed to take people in J&K out of the shadow of guns to a new era of development and progress, stated Tarun Chugh, BJP national general secretary & J&K Prabhari at Naied Khai District Bandipora.
Addressing an election rally Chugh said the cross-border links of the Abdullah and Mufti families did not let the J&K people develop as people in rest of the country did in the past 70 years. He said that the people were deliberately kept deprived of basic amenities like schools and hospitals, nor were adequate employment opportunities generated for the youth.
Tarun Chugh said that all along the Congress played a friendly match with these two parties and kept the people at the mercy of terrorists. “People have been puppets in the hands of the ISI forces operating through the leaders of these political parties and could never make progress. Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development programmes have started getting fruits to common man in J&K, so a new era has dawned”, said Chugh.
He said the J&K youth have new aspirations now and a new vision of development and progress. “They do not want bullets. They want education and health facilities”, Chugh said adding that all development schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have started benefitting people.
He said under the rule of Abdullahs and Mufti, many discriminating policies were followed which harmed the state and many sections of society.
Chugh called upon people to vote enmasse for the BJP candidates to start a new chapter of development in J&K.

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