Modi won hearts of Jammu Dogras


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Februaty 20, 2024 MAM Stadium, address won the hearts of the Jammu Dogras by saying “Khand Mithey Lok Dogrey”. Indeed, they are.
He made many important statements, including a very strong statement on the dirty dynastic politics (of separatist Abdullahs, Muftis and Nehru-Gandhis). He also explained away in minute details the ongoing developmental processes in J&K and reiterated his wish: 370 seats for BJP and over 400 for NDA.
However, he thought it politically prudent to not speak on the highly weak political status of Dogra Jammu vis a vis highly prosperous and highly developed Kashmir. He should have emphasised the need for making Jammu strong enough to defeat Kashmir jihad through the institution of statehood, but it was not to be.
At the same time, However, he didn’t utter a word on the assembly elections in J&K and it’s really very inspiring. Obviously, conspicuous absence in his speech on the issue of assembly polls must have shocked the Abdullahs, the Muftis, the Azads, the Bukharis, the Lones, the Rasools, the Bhallas, to mention only a few, who want assembly elections to capture power and restart the process of disintegration and destruction of Dogra Jammu.
It is hoped that PM Narendra Modi would surely appreciate the Jammu aspiration and grant statehood to her sooner than later.

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