Miracles of motivation

Urmil Mehta

Motivation has immense effect on learning. Motivation implies the arousal and maintenance of interest in learning and interest is a basic factor in learning. Real learning can’t take place without motivation. Motivation is activator as well as director of behavior. Motivation is a productivity factor in education. The greater the motivation, the greater the learning.
The word motivation is derived from Latin word ‘mover’ which means to change or to move. Thus motivation is referred to change inner urge to achieve the goal. Motivation is a kind of inner force which energises the person to make constant effort. In other words, motivation is the condition which increases the desire to perform better. Motivation is a process by which individual inspired, stimulated, guided and directed properly towards high achievements. Motivation is directly related with better performance. In our daily life, we use many types of motivational terms like desires, wish, aim, urge etc. Motivation process regulates the behavior of a person. It is extremely complex and difficult to understand, interpret, predict and control.
Motivation is the basic condition of learning. There are so many conditions for promoting motivation. Such as creating interest, arousing curiosity, developing achievement motivation, providing incentives, providing the spirit of competitions.
Motivation is of two types-
Internal motivation and external motivation
Internal or intrinsic motivation -The intrinsic motivation is within an individual and guides them to perform better to satisfy one’s own personal feelings .It depends upon basic needs like thirst,hunger,family,friends,interest,aptitude,love,self-esteem, safety, personality etc. we can also say bodily needs instinct, major social needs, emotional needs etc.
Extrinsic or external motivation depends upon environmental factors. External motivation has great impact on an individual’s performances. It is of various types like reward, punishment, active participation, audio visual aids, tests, evaluation and competitions, Teaching methods, teacher pupil relationship, equipments and surroundings.
Creating interest in learning something is the best way of promoting motivation. Interest are not always natural, they are acquired. Once the interest in created it works like intrinsic motivation. Interest may be temporary or permanent. Interest in music, literature is permanent interest. Interest in a particular lesson or topic is temporary. Curiosity is a great motivating force. Once the students become curious about something, they will be keenly interested to know about it. Arousing of curiosity is an important condition for motivation. Curiosity leads to exploration. The motivation for specific exploration is curiosity. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to provide an environment which inculcates those opportunities which nourish a child’s curiosity. Achievement motivation means motivation to achieve something. The higher the achievement motivation, the greater the learning achievement.
To conclude I would like to say that everybody who is going to read this if he or she is a head of the institution, a teacher or a parent, please try to catch this miracle word ‘motivation’ for the path of satisfaction and progress because motivation can really change your life, please try it once in your life and see its miracles. Then you will also say key of miracles- only and only motivation key.
(The author is lecturer in J K College of Education Kunjwani, Jammu)

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