Jodhamal School emerges overall champion

J&K Open Roller-Skating Championship Concludes


JAMMU: J&K’s Open Roller- Skating Championship concluded on Wednesday with the participation of largest number of players from across the Jammu and Kashmir.
The event was held under the overall mentorship of G.S Khurmi, President J&K Roller Sports Association and organised by the Five Star Club, Jammu at the MA Stadium. Jodhamal School emerged overall champion with highest number of medals.
The Chief Guest, Ashok Singh (Divisional Sports Officer Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council) congratulated medal winners and wished them best of luck for their future endeavours.
The Championship was managed by the Official Coach from RSFI, Kamal Anand with the Team of Event Officials comprising of Senior Players. Roshan Gupta and Seema Kharyal were the Guests of Honour on the occasion.
BOYS Loose Bearing (Sandle Skates) 5-7 yrs: Atharv Sharma (2 gold), Manraj Singh (2 silver), Manraj Singh s/o Charanjeet (2 bronze). 7-9 yrs: Hargun Singh (2 gold), Avikam Ashok Gupta (2 silver), Vivaan Gupta (bronze) and Aniket Dutta (bronze). 9-11 yrs: Devansh Kumar (2 gold), Raghav Pratap (silver), Vihaan Chib (silver), Rudraksh Sharma (bronze) and Atharuv Sharma (bronze). 11-14 yrs: Mohd. Uzair (gold and bronze), Deepak Kumar (silver), Gaurav Singh Chib (silver), Jaskirat Singh (bronze) and Shahzaib Nadeem (gold). Quad Jonex Skate 5-7 yrs: Nalinaksh (gold), Ransh Gupta (silver). 7-9 yrs: Avyansh Gupta (gold), Aayansh Gupta (silver), Agastya (Bronze). 9-11 yrs: Kavish Bhadwal (gold), Shravan Sharma (silver), Krishav (bronze). 11-14 yrs: Ronak Kumar (gold), Abeer Bajaj (silver) and Madhav (bronze). Quad Professional Skate below 5 yrs: Jiaansh Sharma (2 gold), Japraj Singh (silver and bronze), Samaragya Singh Manhas (silver and bronze). 5-7 yrs: Avyaan Sharma (2 gold), Hardik Thakur (bronze, silver and gold), Riyansh Mahajan (2 silver), Hardik (bronze), Yashaavin Singh Reen (bronze). 7-9 yrs: Tanush Gupta (2 gold and one silver), Harsh (gold, silver and bronze), Avinav Balgotra (silver and 2 bronze). 9-11 yrs: Gurtej Singh (3 gold), Aasim Abbas Khan (2 silver), Adwait Sharma (2 bronze) Rudraksh Singh (silver and bronze). 11-14 yrs: Abhinav Bakshi (3 gold), Ronak Kumar (silver and bronze), Shivain Sharma (2 bronze), Mohit Bhagat (silver), Puneesh Sharma (silver). 14-17 yrs: Udhay Narayan (3 gold) , Achinta Munde (3 silver), Ronak Kumar (3 bronze). Above 17 yrs: Surya Bhaskar (2 gold), Shayan Chauhan (gold and bronze), Sukhjot Singh (silver and bronze) , Ruhaan Raina (2 silver) and Ashutosh Sharma (bronze). Loose Inline 7-9 yrs: Aryaveer Singh (2 gold), Ruhaniat (2 gold). 9-11 yrs: Aaidan Haifeez (2 gold), Chitraksh Vaid (2 silver), Mandeep (2 bronze). 11-14 yrs: Dhaivik Basotra (2 gold), Hariansh Nag (silver and bronze) , Nidhaan (bronze), Sukhbeer Singh (silver). Professional Inline 5-7 yrs: Aksham Manhas (3 gold), Viraansh Gupta (3 silver), Viraj Chib (3 bronze). 7-9 yrs: Mridul Jungral (3 gold), Pavit Gupta (2 bronze and one silver), Mohd Wani (bronze and 2 silver). 9-11 yrs: Aarav Sharma (3 gold), Ashwinder Singh (3 silver), Aayan Singh Langeh (3 bronze). 11-14 yrs: Svanik Mansotra (3 gold), Manyavar Mahajan (3 silver), Khidash Gohar (2 bronze). 14-17yrs: Ayush Sharma (3 gold), Uplaksh Saini (2 silver), Chetanay Khatkar (silver and 2 bronze), Nitish Kumar (bronze and gold).
GIRLS Loose Bearing (Sandle Skates) 5-7 yrs: Sharlyz Manha Bhat (2 gold), Aanya Gupta (2 silver) and Aadriti Sharma (2 bronze). 7-9 yrs: Aruhi (2 gold), Jasreen Kaur (silver), Ashwika Srivastawa (silver), Aarshee Sharma (bronze), Jasroop Kaur (bronze) and Jasreen Kaur (bronze). 9-11 yrs: Sanvi Mehta (2 gold), Shranya (silver), Sanjeevani (silver and bronze), Aadhya Pandita (bronze). 11-14 yrs: Prabhgon (gold and bronze), Pehal (gold), Paridhi (2 silver) and Varya Choudhary (bronze). Quad Jonex Skate 7-9 yrs: Oriana (gold), Hazel Suri (silver). 9-11 yrs: Hafsha Tariq (gold), Souberi (silver), Sanvi Parash (bronze), Jasmitha (bronze). Quad Professional Skate 5-7 yrs: Gaurvi Rajput (2 gold and one silver), Myshakaur (gold and silver), Anshika Gupta (2 bronze), Medhasvi (bronze), Aujsvi Bral (silver). 7-9 yrs: Kavya Sharma (3 gold), Samaira Gandotra (silver and bronze), Krisha Gupta (bronze), Aayra (silver), Ragini (silver and bronze). 9-11 yrs: Aahana Gupta (3 gold), Anandani Sharma (3 silver), Enaya Hayat Matto (3 bronze). 11-14 yrs: Sanvi Grover (3 gold), Adhira Kanotra (2 silver and one bronze), Akanksha Narula (bronze) , Pearl Suri (bronze and silver). Loose Inline 7-9 yrs: Aashrita Sarangal (silver). 9-11 yrs: Sanvi Sharma (2 gold), Kyra Mangi (2 Silver). 11-14 yrs: Shravya Agnihotri (2 gold), Rhythm Roy (2 silver), Akriti Rajput (bronze), Urvi Gupta (bronze). Professional Inline 5-7 yrs: Zainab Ambreen (3 gold). 7-9 yrs: Zyra Fatima (3 gold), Kyra Luthra (3 silver). 9-11 yrs: Ainoor Gohar Dhar (3 gold). 11-14 yrs: Tamanna Saini (3 gold), Kamakshi Sharma (3 silver), Aaira (3 bronze). Above 17 yrs: Muskan (3 gold).

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