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A simple action of safeguarding ones security and integrity has created so much commotion in the media especially in the television that it looks as if India and Pakistan have gone on war. What India did against Naga insurgents was its fundamental duty to safeguard the nation against any such elements. Why Pakistan  has reacted  so vehemently  belies the stand that nation  has been  taking till date. Pakistan  has been critical of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement in Bangladesh. Even  Defence Minister Parrikar’s statement, those who ‘fear India’s  new posture too has created reaction.’ Even the Pak Senate went ahead against India saying, ‘will hit back if India tries Myanmar repeat’. Has the situation reached that level or is it not premature on Pakistan to react in such a way? But Pakistan can support an operation like 26/11 and India despite giving all the evidence it refused  to take action against mastermind Lakhvi and others and Mumbai blast  mastermind Dawood Ibrahim, who has been sheltered by Pakistan. What Pakistan  expects  from India to stay silent and continue to bear its actions in Jammu and Kashmir by supporting militants and secessionist elements. India this time  acted well in time and did not  sit over the situation. Such an action  surely would  change  the security  perception in the continent. As far as Pakistan talking about  using nuclear  weapon this threat was there even during the 1999 Kargil War. The outcome everyone knows. Pakistan should come out of its outdated and moribund approach. Terror has not spared that country too. It would be good if it joins hands with India in fighting  terror and to step up peace  in the continent rather  than involving in saber rattling. As far as action in eastern sector is concerned it was not a retaliatory one as perceived but was of an pre-emptive nature because  the inputs  indicated Naga militants were planning a large scale operation against Indian Army. Pakistan need not worry about Indian intentions but should not take India for a test ride also.

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