Importance of philanthropy (Propkaar)

Dear Editor,
During this worst period of COVID-19 pandemic, the people of all walks of life have had hit badly economically, physically,
mentally, socially, losing jobs in all sectors painfully. A number of precious human lives such as doctors, administrators, burrecauts including other warriors of COVID-19 pandemic were lost. The list does not end here.
So it becomes indispensable to be beneficient, bountiful, liberal, actively kind and doing good with humanity as well as all living beings.There is no work more than philanthropy and beneficence in the world. When a person contributes something for the good of someone then its soul gets peace. Life is meaningful for the person who has done more work in the direction of philanthropy.The qualities of mercy and benevolence make a man rise above animalism.
Charity and beneficence is the duty of man.The wheel of sorrow and happiness keeps running without its stoppage. It is the duty of man to help as much as possible in others’ sorrows and happiness. Society is such an organisation without which one is considered to be incomplete. Not everyone is powerful and capable in society.
“Propkaarai Santa Vibhuta”
According to this Sanskrit proverb the property of good people is for the betterment of others. The creation of the world is fixed on the foundation of mutual cooperation.Nature also teaches us the path of benevolence and generosity at every step.
It is also said, Propkaarai Phalant Briksha: Propkaarai Vahint Megha:
Propkaarai Duhint Gawa: Propkaarai Eind Shriram:
The above couplet explains the meaning of Philanthropy itself.
The trees give fruits others to eat: The rivers flow for others to use:
The cows give milk for the sake of others: And this human body should be used to help others-
Charity/philanthropy is true humanity. By virtue of it a man gets reverence all along the hut of beggar to the palace of the kings. The reverence and devotion we have for philanthropist, that is because those people who did not turn away from the well-being of the public even after suffering themselves and putting a stake on their lives. Philanthropy brings peace and happiness to both, philanthropist as well as to its recipients.
Philanthropy increases self-confidence, purity comes. Man participates in everlasting glory. Lord Gautam Buddha, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi are epitoms of those big personalities.
The foundation of India’s civilization has been charity. India has given the message of philanthropy to the world. History tells us that each of our era-makers was great philanthropists. The names of King Shivi and Divachi are famous in the history of philanthropy who even gave their bones for their benevolence. Panna Ghai’s name is immortal in the history of Rajasthan that the defence of Maharana Udhey Singh he got his son sacrificed in and took the sword down and did not even think.This means that Indian heroes sacrificed their lives even when it was time for the betterment of others. Philanthrophy is virtue from which the text of renunciation can be read.
The above discussion proves that philanthropy is the best
religion in the world. Social organisation and world peace is the foundation of philanthropy.
Kaha Bhee Hai……..
Janam Bhar Upkaar Karna,Gyaniyon Ka Dharam Hai
Karam Se Peeche Na Hatna,Manwa Ka Maram Hai,
Means to do charity throughout the birth is the religion of the learned.
Do not retreat from Karam, is the heart of human.
Tara Chand Bhagat,
Talab Tillo,

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