Humble request of Khanmoh residents to LG Manoj Sinha

Dear Editor,
In pursuance of a letter to Honourable Lt. Governor UT of J&K, Manoj Sinha earlier, in the month of April 2023, by one of our revered members, we the residents of Village Khanmoh ( Lower & Upper) very humbly hereby bring to your kind attention that;
The condition of Harshdal Mandir at Lower Khanmoh District Srinagar, and that of other temples in the adjoining areas, is pitiably in shambles because these remained deserted since the unfortunate exodus of People from the valley in 1990’s; The Harshdal Mandir at Lower Khanmoh is an age old heritage of the people who lived in the area and one of the holiest shrines of the Valley as it houses the Shiva Linga and has Murties (stone carved Idols of the archeological importance) in Mandir compound. And these Murties (stone Idols) need immediate attention so that the ancient heritage is duly preserved. The sacred Shiva linga is not in place and the Ancient stone idols are also damaged which is a matter of great concern and needs to be addressed.
The area around the Holy place of Bhairav (Swachandanath Bhairav) Shamshan Ghat at lower Khanmoh needs demarcation and proper fencing to avoid any encroachments and there is a natural cave of Lord Shiva in the mountainous region of Village Khanmoh. This natural and holy cave of Lord Shiva has remained unknown to the people at large.
Amarnath cave being the sacred and holy because of the natural Ice Lingam, this one has a natural Shiv Lingam and Mata Parvati’s kitchen area. It has Gharba Yatra area inside the Gupha itself. There is another cave just above the Shiva cave which is said to be that of Lord Ganesha.
Your Excellency, these caves need immediate attention of the administration towards the uplifting of the path to the cave to make it more easier and scalable.
Also, these caves ought to be brought into the limelight so that Shiv Bhakts and devotees all over the country know about yet another dwelling place of Lord Shiva and his family on this planet.
We the residents of village Khanmoh would feel highly obliged if Your Excellency would kindly issue orders to the concerned authorities to look into the importance of the aforementioned subject so as to take the necessary action needed to initiate the work.
We are sure that our humble request will never remain unheeded by a kind and sober hearted personality as Your Excellency, Sir.
Residents of Village Khanmoh
District Srinagar

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