History of freedom fighters should be compulsory subject: Azad


New Delhi: Former Chief Minister and Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday suggested that the history of freedom fighters should be made compulsory for all schools and classes in order to keep the future generation apprised about those who paid with their lives for their better tomorrow.
Azad blamed the growing political and social intolerance to unawareness among the young population and said they have been taught every subject but history which results to their ignorance about their past.
“If we have been successful in teaching the right history to our students, they would have known how people across the religious lines have fought for the freedom of country,” he said while launching a book ‘People Make History’ written by Ram Mohan Rai, Archisman Raju, and Jahanzaib Chowdary at an event organized by Gandhi Global Family.
Azad said while we shall appreciate the people for adopting the lifestyle of Gandhi, however, it is not enough and there is need to imbibe the Gandhian thoughts deep into the minds of our people. “There is a political intolerance evident from the ongoing proceedings at Lok Sabha. Today we have competition on making noise and attacking personally which never happened in the past. Earlier, the business of the house was only to raise public issues, I feel this house may conclude without any such thing which is a cause for concern,” he said. He said the only solution to the problem is imbibing Gandhian ideology in letter and spirit and ensuring history is taught till post-graduation as a compulsory subject. He said had we taught the right history among our students; they would have come to know about the contribution of people from across the religions and communities and could have become the source of unity. “Unfortunately, we teach the history of our convenience. It is no way doing good to our society. Rather, we need to teach the right history, especially about freedom fighters to ensure we are more than ever united as a nation,” he said. Among others present on the occasion were Padhma Shri Vice President GGF S. P. Verma, Ram Mohan Roy, Ashok Kapoor, Rajinish Kumar, Raju, Prof Ranjana and others.

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