Heroes and villains of Kashmir; a tell tale

Carving out heroes from zero is not a new phenomenon in Kashmir. It has been there all along; with the only difference that it got improvised after the outbreak of Pakistan sponsored Jihadi terror in early nineties. This syndrome is more hazardous than the outbreak of feared epidemic with the Valley limping back to normalcy from ongoing dreadful flood disaster. That does not seem to be a cause of concern for self-proclaimed Messiahs of Kashmiris. Their worry is how to undermine the heroic rescue and relief operations carried out by the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and the National Disaster Response Force, lest the impact of such a coordinated and magnificent work remains lasting on the minds of nearly quarter of a million evacuated population.
From Pakistani conduit like Ghulam Nabi Fai in the US to small time scribe in Kashmir; all are engaged in the making of heroes who, they keep chanting, are the real saviours of the suffering people. It should normally have been a welcome development but for the truth that betray all claims. There may be some, like Yasin Malik, who brazenly and in the full media gaze snatched an army boat and created obstacles in the disbursement of relief material just to send a world across the world that Kashmir was not in need of the army sponsored help. They were nowhere when Kashmiris needed them the most. They remained marooned only to re-emerge, courtesy the multiple agencies, to recreate nuisance that has been density of the land of sages and saints for the past nearly two and half decades. Kashmir’s disinformation mill is working overtime to spread canards against the real heroes and recreate the paper tigers to keep anti-India sentiment alive in the Valley. This campaign will certainly gain momentum in the days to come, as anticipated in these columns in recent days. The process for painting the real heroes as villains has begun. The controversial Pakistani lackey Ghulam Nabi Fai quotes unspecific media reports mentioning that “immediate rescue missions in the Valley were taken by Kashmiri youth who not only saved Kashmiri families who were stranded but even the migrant Indian Hindu labourers. They even provided them with food and shelter.” Fai makes no mention about evacuation of 2.38 lakh marooned population. He will not because that is the fact which has upset all their plans. Fai has also quoted some Indian, say Hindu, civil society activists (most of who remain on the ‘hospitality’ list of ISI) to substantiate his claims that Indian forces were biased during the rescue operations. Some of the prestigious news disseminating agencies have also unleashed a misinformation campaign to negate the role of Indian forces in service of humanity. But it is not surprising, as the originators of these reports are carrying the same mindset. To defame the forces may not be call of their duty but it is undoubtedly a part of the commitment the so-called intelligentsia in Kashmir is nurturing in the core of their hearts. On the face of such commitments, all Indians efforts are destined to get waste. One of the news agencies, quoted by Fai, reports, “Residents stranded for days by the floodwaters said that the army has selectively evacuated tourists and people according to a preset priority list, leaving locals to be rescued later by volunteers.” Putting their venom in the mouths of unidentified residents, the originators have done justice to their commitment. Same is truth about most of the reports emanating from Kashmir, not now only but since the outbreak of militancy.
Notwithstanding disinformation campaign, the local papers (websites) are replete with the stories how the same people ditched their own neighbours and brethren by showing selfishness of lowest depths while being rescued.  There are reports of overcharging in the markets, profiteering, and black-marketting. The conscience of Kashmir stands shaken with the reports emanating from the inundated colonies how young ‘dacoits’ are laying their hands on the valuables in the abandoned houses.Now should anybody say that this too is a conspiracy hatched by the ‘oppressed forces’ nobody must get shocked. This is the part of sinister campaign going on in the Valley for the past twenty five years. This is being done in an organised way and as part of Pakistan’s sinister strategy to keep alive anti-India sentiment. Nobody will acknowledge the huge aid coming from Indian states, trade and commerce, philanthropic agencies and even the ordinary citizens. This is accepted but with a big bang. The sponsors of such bangs are not the common people of Kashmir. They are the so-called champions of their interests-separatists, secessionists, terrorists, opportunists and ‘mainstreamists’.

dost khan
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