Frame laws, streamline franchise to ban coalitions

J. R Aryan

It goes without saying that India is the largest democracy of the world but it is also very true that the corrupt political virus has awfully been consuming the fibres of our democratic structure,- and the communal and antinational forces from within and outside have been at work to destabilise our well-being, prosperity and democratic values. The time does call for making stringent laws and rules to further strengthen the democratic system for smooth and stable run of the Govt, in the states and at the
The mandate of the people of the nation with absolute majority to one party at the Centre under the dynamic leadership of our beloved PM Modi is a glaring example of a stable and healthy mandate for a change under the democratic system exhibited by the voters of the country which has been hailed all the world over.
Here in our State of Jammu and Kashmir the picture is quite otherwise, sordid and disrupted. Fractured mandate or the fissured verdict an outcome of regional, ethnic and communal ideologies let loose by the faulty politics and regimes under the    influence of anti Indian, antinational, secessionists and separatist forces, has become a hurdle in the formation of Govt, of any one single party with an absolute majority. It has now opened doors for the ugly bargain called coalition or Alliance. The formation of a stable Govt. is in dole-drums. All permutations and combinations are not maturing under confronting, rigid and unbecoming terms, ifs and buts conditions and speculations. All political gimmicks, with give and take, make or break, lull or shake, bug or mug, oiling buttering, harmonising, patronising, compromising or synchronising formulae have yielded no result till date and nor should it at all, because all this shall, as has been seen in the past, end in smoke ultimately to leave the masses in the lurch as soon as the coalition due to internal differences fails to deliver goods and ultimately collapses midways to create vacuum, chaos and uncertainity again.
Coalitions as seen already are ineffective at grass root level and must be rejected and banned at all levels and at  all times. Here two great enemies of yesterday become great friends today to join hands to grab power to hold the magic chair for their own ends for befooling the people and doing nothing for the common masses and with passage of time when their interests clash they become foes again anytime which no body knows, and this goes to raise down the coalition structure midway for another trial, which is infact mockery of democracy. Coalitions are born out of a helpless situation under a fractured mandate and are infact the outcome of the political pollutions and must be disallowed and nipped in the bud by framing stringent laws.
How nice and solacing would it had been if the voters would have given a decisive mandate with absolute majority to one party be it PDP, BJP, NC or Cong or any other party. Why it did not happen is due to factionalism, regionalism, caste and communal factor and above all antinational and separatist factors having been propagated by political champions,  for polariztion
Even the parties now offering unconditional support to PDP for Govt. formation were daggers drawn with it till 20th Dec., 2014. They had been accusing and abusing it all the way with sharp and sarcastic remarks during election campaign indicating its shortcomings as per their own algebra, and now with what face are they trying to become its associates and well wishers to help run the Govt., perhaps to withdraw the support any time in between to create chaos again. Seems only one factor is there for the support that all these parties is an amalgam of majority community legislators for whom a minority CM is an eye-sore or bitter pill to swallow.
The writer wants to suggest and appeal for the following couple of rules/ laws to be framed for a healthy franchise and stable Govt, at the Centre or in the states which the legislators or the parliamentarians must think over for a healthy change:-
(1) In case of a fractured mandate where no single party gets absolute majority to form Govt.  Governor’s Rule be imposed for full term of 5 or 6 years with all legislation powers with the Governor. This shall end coalition culture, and convey a signal to the voters too to vote a particular party of their choice to absolute majority in the larger interest of development amity, communal harmony and brotherhood of the State and not under the surge of communal, religious, religional and factional frenzy. This shall also be a lesson for the representatives to avoid all such tactics to befool, exploit and instigate voters for their own ends to create fissures, chaos and confusion.
In any state where elections are to be held, Governor’s Rule be imposed just one month before the election date to dispel all fears of misuse of ruling parties influence over election employees for the ruling party’s interest.
Voting be made mandatory for every voter with a fine of Rs 50 thousand for not casting his/ her vote except under very unavoidable circumstances due to ill-health etc or demise of any individual in a family.
The delimitation of constituencies should be the prerogative of Election Commission of India and not of the Centre or State Govt. How crucial with a glaring height of injustice is the decision of some previous J and K State Govt, under the spell of regional disparity that the Delimitation of the Assembly Constituencies has been gjsl blocked till 2026, Just to give a set-back to entire Jammu Province which must have as many constituencies as the Kashmir Province on the basis of no. of voters, geography, topography, demography terrain and other relevant factors to be taken into account. This is how the valley centric rulers deliver their blows to the   minorities and other poor   sections in J and K. In fact the delimitation is over-due here and the ban till 2026 breathes the feeling of contempt towards minority sections by depriving them of their equal share in representation and this tentamounts to broad-day robbery of human rights and is an open murder of democratic norms and value by the so called rulers of the State which the centre must not overlook.
Under the present prevailing political scenario and conditions the dream of development, progress communal harmony and amity as envisaged by PM Modi can never be seen fulfilled and the situation shall further deteriorate with passage of time.
If the Central Govt, is keen enough to see all regions of J and K all smiles with prosperity, development, fellow feelings, communal harmony and uniformity under the democratic umbrella the only solution to the problem is to make Jammu Province a separate full fledged State, Ladakh region a Union Territory and Kashmir valley also a State.
With the continuation of same quantum of funds which the centre has been providing to the J and K till now yearly or per plan, all the three regions under the independent status as proposed above shall progress and flourish by leaps and bounds with development at grass root level more so under a healthy competition and at the same time it shall provide a rude blow to the divisive., disruptive and antinational elements who sow the seeds of hatred, regionalism, communal frenzy antinational propaganda, as they shall find no such room anywhere to spread their filth in any of the regions.
Also the voices like Plabisite, Azadi, Self Rule, Autonomy shall get silenced once for all under the latest formula of Anatomy or trifurcation of the J and K for a progressive peaceful future of all the three regions for poor and common people who aspire to leave in peace, communal harmony, amity and brotherhood with dignity and prosperity under the Umbrella of Indian Democracy and its vibrant Constitution.

editorial articleFrame lawsJ. R Aryan
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