Forest officials seize 400 Kg Bhoot Keshi Herb on J&K- Himachal Border


BHADARWAH: A team of Forest Department has seized about 4 Quintal (400 kg) of semidry Minor Forest Produce Bhoot Keshi, a rare medicinal plant found in the high altitude of the Himalayan region in remote area of Bhalesa touching the border of neighboring Himachal Pradesh state.
The led by Range Officer Suresh Jamwal comprising officials from the Forest and Forest Protection Force, acted promptly on a tip-off and conducted a raid. The team traversed the difficult terrain of Kahi Kandalwad and Jijed Talai located on the remote J&K and HP border. After a strenuous trek, the team seized the huge quantity of Bhoot Keshi, a rare medicinal plant.
Scientifically known as Selinum vaginatum, the root of the Bhoot Keshi plant is used to treat high blood pressure, sleeping disorders, and other ailments.
Range Officer Suresh Jamwal reiterated the crucial responsibility of forest officials to prevent any illegal activity in the forest area and emphasized that appropriate action would be taken. The seizure of the Minor Forest Produce is a significant step towards protecting the precious flora of the region.
A damage No. 3 /2023-24 and Damage Case No. 4 of 2023-24 dated 29-05-2023 has been registered, and an investigation has been initiated. The efforts of the team also served as a warning to those who engage in illegal activities that they will face strict action if caught.
The Bhoot Keshi plant has been a prized possession of the indigenous communities in the Himalayan region for its medicinal properties. However, the rarity of the plant has led to illegal harvesting and smuggling, which poses a significant threat to its survival. The forest officials’ seizure of the Bhoot Keshi plant is a testament to their dedication to preserving the region’s unique flora and fauna.

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