Force of Habit

Dear Editor,
It is force of habit for Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to address others, not all others, in singular form. Accordingly, in his zeal to blame BJP, particularly with Modi in mind, for not inviting the President Draupadi Murmu for inauguration of the New Parliament building and Ayodhya Ram Mandir consecration ceremony, he called the President in singular form. In the fits of temper against BJP which is political in nature and as is his wont, he has called the President in singular form. His defence that it was not intentional can be accepted. His crocodile tear at not inviting the President to the inaugural ceremony of New Parliament building and Ram Mandir is never out of respect to the President though his usage of singular words due to force of habit against her is not out of disrespect. He has regretted for using the singular form against Murmu. It is okay. But the Presidential nominee of Congress and other parties was Yashwant Sinha against Draupadi Murmu fielded by the Modi government in the Presidential election. Opposition parties including Congress fought tooth and nail against Murmu to defeat her. Times out of number, he has used and has been using singular words against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has never regretted for it because it was intentional. Congress top leadership is not mature enough to advise Siddaramaiah not to use singular words against the Prime Minister of India. If Modi has not responded to the abusive words by Siddaramaiah, it is his strength to tolerate disrespect from Siddaramaiah. If Siddaramaiah takes anything personally, Modi does not harbour personal animosity against him or others. The habit of using singular words was there even when BJP government was in power in Karnataka. No FIR was registered against Siddaramaiah. But when the MP Ananthakumar Hegde used singular words against Siddaramaiah, an FIR was registered against Hegde. Hegde is not in the habit of using singular words against anybody. He has high depth of knowledge in religious matters and cultured person. But he used singular words against the Chief Minister to make him understand the pinch of singular words and also to show that others also can speak in the language Siddaramaiah uses and understands. It is quite common for Siddaramaiah to address the IAS and IPS officers in singular words. When singular words are used, they silently suffer. If a politician is attacked verbally or physically, other politicians come to the rescue of ‘victim’ of abusive words or physical attack. But a government servant must practice to be mum even when he is addressed singularly by politicians. A Chief Minister should be a role model to others. There were many Chief Ministers in Karnataka who were role model to even the opposition parties. It is unfortunate that the tribe of such leaders is extinguishing.
Acrimony in politics is common. Fight or constructive criticisms should be against the anti-people programmes and policies of the government and constructive suggestions for correcting the mistakes by the government. The political arena is being contaminated by the leaders flinging abusive words at each other personally. This should be desisted. High command should monitor the behaviour of their party leaders lest the political atmosphere is vitiated.
K.V. Seetharamaiah

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