Experience is connected only to the present


We cannot have an experience in the past, because during that time we had another experience. It’s finished. We cannot have an experience in the future as yet, because tomorrow has not happened today. It will come tomorrow.
Experience is strictly connected to the present time. While you are experiencing, if your mind is not there, you will not experience it. The presence of the mind is very important.
The mind gives you that particular flavour for your experience, and it is individualistic. Each person experiences each situation differently. Because it’s based on your mind, your moods and your situations.
Always watch all your life from a witness mode, like as if you’re watching a feature film on the screen. You are not acting, you’re not participating, but you are experiencing.
If you are able to witness your life, it will give you a similar effect. Life will come, experiences will come, experiences will go, and you will always remain stable.
People come to your life to give you experiences. Situations come into your life to give you experiences. Everything comes to you, or you meet everything for the sake of experiences. That’s it.
If you reject it, you will lose it. Experience will happen, but if you reject the experience, you will lose it.
This is important to understand. Do not resist. Accept, and keep moving forward.

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