Development Vs Appeasement


The biggest electoral exercise of the world is taking place in India and the sagacious voters of this democracy are exercising voting exercise to elect a new government at the central level. The elections are for electing the representatives who will govern the people in accordance with the wishes of the people and according to the constitutional provisions .There are a number of issues before the electorate on the basis of which they vote. But this year’s general election is the vote between development ,performance and appeasement and therefore we can say that the current general election is the referendum between the development and appeasement .There are the political parties and politicians who focus on the development ,delivery and performance and the last decade of the ruling of the NDA/BJP was one of performance and was all for development and the common man has seen and experienced development and delivery of services .On the other hand there are political parties who believe in the politics of appeasement and they lure and attract voters on the basis of appeasement politics and to be more specific these political parties have only one point agenda that is appeasement of minorities .This minority appeasement is the biggest hurdle and obstacle in the development journey of the country and therefore the conscious voters should reject such political parties who advance the politics of appeasement and instead should vote for those political parties which stand for development and put forth the developmental plank as their election manifesto and in the present general elections such parties are BJP /NDA and therefore it is in the interest of the country that people should vote in their favor .The minority appeasement strikes at the very roots of our democracy and is the negation of our roots and essence .Thus the people should reject such parties who chose appeasement as a means and medium to reach to power and mind there is no dearth of such political parties who believe in appeasement politics as a means of reaching to the corridor of power and such parties play appeasement politics openly little knowing that appeasement politics is against the welfare of the people and also against the nation There is no place for appeasement politics in our diverse country ,but the political parties chose the appeasement as a tool to reach to power and thus do appeasement politics .But our developing country with a huge population needs development oriented politics and therefore those political parties should be given our valuable vote which advance the development of the people and also do performance parties should do and should play developmental politics The BJP is one such party whose whole manifesto is full of development and is performance and delivery oriented and it is thus rightly called as the Vikas Patra as it is full of promising development to the nation and therefore BJP’s Sanklap Patra versus INDIA, Nyay Patra and appeasement is all which is going to decide the fate of the parliamentary election Thus on one side is the BJP/NDA and on the other extreme is the congress and INDIA and it is upon the voter of this country .In other words on one side are those parties who advocate and guarantee and promise development and on the other side are those opposition parties who play the appeasement card to gain access to power and thus the choice is upon the voters who can chose the right representatives to govern themselves. Therefore the current Lok Sabha elections is between the party or parties which proclaim and espouse development versus those parties which believe in appeasement politics and then it is the duty and responsibility of the voters to make the choice of the right candidates who will govern in the best interests of the people At the end of the day ,it seems that the voters will put their seal of approval by voting in favor of those parties which stand for development, performance and believe in delivery of the services and essential requirements and so the people will vote for development and not for appeasement and will so reject the parties which play appeasement politics and therefore the people will make the right choice of electing the right candidates who believe and promise development and the parties which stand for appeasement will be rejected in the final analysis .
Thus the people will vote for those political parties which promise development and which work for providing the needs of bare existence and will reject the parties and forces which give importance to appeasement politics .So it is crystal clear that the voters will make a right choice of choosing such candidates which promise and guarantee development and will reject those parties which believe in appeasement as a tool of winning the polls and the people will reject such parties which espouse appeasement as a medium of reaching to power The Sankap Patra as the BJP calls its manifesto is through and through development oriented and there are no freebies in this manifesto and it guarantees development and it does not show populous schemes as the BJP does not believe in sheer populism but believes in performance and delivery of the services. So the BJP is riding on the wave of 400 par coupled with Modi wave and at the end of the day it seems that louts will bloom for the third time in succession .The congress and INDIA bloc is making serious efforts to dent the image of BJP but it is not that easy to spoil the chances of the BJP so far as it concerns to returning to power for the third time but the opposition parties are making earnest and serious efforts to block the BJP’s road to reach to power.
However the opposition parties will not be able to foil the sincere efforts of the BJP of gaining power .Therefore the applecart will turn in the favor of the BJP come what may as the promise and guarantee of development will work as a catalyst to gain power at the general elections. So in brief it can be opined that the current electoral battle is between the parties which promise development and those parties which stress appeasement politics as a means to reach to power .
(The author is a clomnist,social and KP activist)

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