Chunav Ka Maha Parv Desh Ka Garv


The citizens of the largest democracy that is our beloved country India are firm believers in democracy. They take great pride in the electoral democracy of the country and the elections have become great festival of democracy and the people are taking active part in the democratic process of elections and participatory democracy. The festival of democracy is really a matter of pride and satisfaction and it has come to fore that the people of the length and breadth of our nation are very enthusiastic about their participation in the biggest festival that is the elections and it has been seen that the people throughout the country have taken active part in the democratic exercise to elect new centre government and the votes are lying in the EVM’s till the 3rd of June 2024 and the counting of the votes of all the phases will take place on 4th of June and the results will also be out on the same day .The large voter turnout in aggregate of all the phases of the voting has shown that the people have taken active part in the Lok Sabha elections and it augurs well for our vibrant and resilient democracy and it is no less than the triumph of the flourishing and dynamic democracy with which the 140 crore people of the country have reposed their faith and trust and the destiny of our nation is linked with the democracy .The voters have enemas participated in the biggest electoral exercise of the democracy and took part in the elections and it is the testimony that the people of this country called Bharat are very proud of the elections and they took part in the Lok Sabha polls very enthusiastically and it points towards the fact that the people of India are the firm believers in democracy and they understand that democracy is the better form of governance and thus they elect their representatives who rule for them as per their aspirations. Democracy is thus the peoples government formed by the people for the people and in Ibrahim Lincolns words democracy is the government of the people ,by the people and for the people .The people and to be specific the voters of the democracy are taking pains to ensure that democracy is not degenerated in the government off the people ,buy the people and far the people and thus the people guard the democracy with their sweat and blood .Democracy is in fact the superior form of government which aims at the public good and welfare and thus the citizens feel proud and satisfied in democratic governance .The plant of democracy has bloomed in India and the people are feeling proud in democracy and the elections .From north to south and east to west ,the people have voted in large numbers to elect the new central government and people took great pleasure ,joy and satisfaction in the elections .In fact the people across India have exhibited full faith and trust in the electoral democracy and therefore the people are the strong stakeholders in elections and they took full and active part in the democratic process .The constitution of free India guarantees its citizens the right to adult franchise and ordain the people to avail this right for their own betterment and for the thriving of the democracy .The people of India have realized the importance of vote and thus they have voted in a free and fair manner without any fear and intimidation and force .The people have voted to constitute the new central government which will work and govern in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people and in accordance with the highest prosperity and probity .The people across India have shown full faith in the democratic system and the elections and have took active and positive part in the election and thus affirmed its faith and pride in the election which is the festival of democracy .In fact the citizens have shown that they are part and parcel of democracy and election is a proud full moment for the country as people feel proud in their participation in the democratic process of election and thus we can say without any doubt that Indian citizens are the true believers in democracy and elections .The peoples participation in elections is in fact a matter of pride ,pleasure and satisfaction and the festival of democracy has brought pleasure and satisfaction to the citizens .The citizens faith and trust in electoral democracy is giving strength ,vigor and vitality to democracy and our democracy is thriving also because of the people’s faith in democratic system and elections .Election as a big festival of democracy is a matter of pride for the 140 crore population and the people have taken active part in the elections and have thus affirmed the peoples commitment to take part in the elections. It follows that the citizens of India have unflinching and total faith and trust in the country’s democratic system and its elections and the people take great pride in the elections and rightly regard elections as the means of electing the representatives and forming the people’s democratic governments which are responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people who elect their representatives through the medium of voting .Therefore elections have great importance and role in framing the peoples chicest government so that it works in accordance with the aspirations and wishes of the ordinary general public who have voted the representatives to form the democratic government .Thus the elections have a special importance in the democracy of the country and a democracy is a meaningless proposition without elections as we cannot think and conceive of democracy without elections and so elections are the sane -quo-non of democracy and as citizens of the largest democracy ,we should uphold the sanctity of elections and maintain its purity so that people will highly regard the electoral exercise and also take part in the elections ,so that democracy will blossom and flourish and ensure that it works in the interest of the people who are the real masters in a democracy .Any way democracy is the Maha Parv of democracy and it is the pride of the country and its people and therefore people take pro active part in the elections so as to form the government/governments which function in the interests of the citizens who have voted them to power .Let Indian democracy flourish and nourish the aspirations of the people so that democracy is best regarded as the peoples government which delivers for the people and works for the welfare and betterment of the people.
(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist).

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