China’s double standard

Dear Editor,
China has been meddling in the Israel-Hamas war. It has been doing nothing to placate both Israel and Hamas. Instead, by favouring two-state solution, China has been exacerbating the situation. China has been urging Israel to stop the attack on civilians. No country likes attack on civilians. But China ignores the fact that the trouble was started with the Hamas attacking Israel and infiltrating the country by air, land and sea on October 7. Hamas have stirred hornet’s nest. For any dispute, the origin of dispute is important. Hamas had probably banked on the support from Iran and other countries. Not unexpectedly, Iran warned Israel to stop attack on Hamas. Iran ignored the point that it was Hamas who courted trouble by attacking Israel first. China should not take locus standi in the matter between Israel and Hamas. No matter even if it is not willing to advocate for stopping the on-going war. If China sees solution in the two-state theory, why has China been vehemently opposing the demand of Tibet for a meaningful autonomy within the People’s Republic of China? Two-nation theory is not acceptable to China. If two-nation theory is not acceptable to China, how can it advise it to others? China’s meddling in the Israel-Hamas war is totally unwarranted. The double standard of China is unacceptable. China must renege from its stand in favour of Palestine. China’s imperialistic ambition is not unknown. Hong Kong was under British rule for 150 years. It was ceded to China in 1997 by the UK. China has territorial disputes with India, Japan, the Phillipines and Vietnam. China has occupied 38000 square kilometres of Indian territory that goes by name Aksai Chin. It had objected to the visit of the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Arunachala Pradesh. China always objects the visit of Indian Prime Minister or any other minister to Arunachala Pradesh even today. It is strange that the US and UK have remained silent spectators at the ‘advise’ of two-state solution by China for Israel. The UN has remained just a show piece. The UN, of which China is one of the five permanent members, will never mince a word at the statements issued by China. China has been using its veto power for permanent membership of India even though other 4 permanent members of the UN have voiced their opinion for permanent membership to India. China is a villain for most of the countries on earth planet. But it is a fair-weather friend of Pakistan. Pakistan is a tool in the hands of China against India. The world leaders are found wanting in condemning China for poking its nose on the on-going war between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian militant group.
K.V Seetharamaiah

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