Chief Electoral Officer UT Ladakh flags Off Polling Teams for 1-Ladakh Parliamentary Constituency

Leh: Chief Electoral Officer of the Union Territory of Ladakh, Sh. Yetindra M. Maralkar, today flagged off the polling teams to their respective polling stations. The teams departed with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and other essential election materials to ensure a smooth and efficient voting process.

The poll for the 1-Ladakh Parliamentary Constituency is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Monday, May 20, 2024. This significant event marks an important step in the democratic process, allowing the residents of Ladakh to exercise their right to vote.

The CEO emphasized the importance of free and fair elections, ensuring that all necessary measures have been taken to provide a secure and accessible voting environment for every eligible voter in the region.

The Election Commission of India, along with local authorities, has worked tirelessly to prepare for this election, implementing all necessary protocols and safety measures. Voters are encouraged to participate actively and make their votes counted.

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