Books-the best gift

Dear Editor,
Gifts play a unique role in any kind of celebration. They make everyone excited and curious no matter how young or old they are.
One should gift someone a gift that should last
forever and books serve to be one of the best gift options.
Books offer a whole new world that is fantastical, exotic, unusual and exciting. This unscrews the imaginary power of the mind and makes people dive deep into the amazing world.
In the present time, when there are several travel restrictions, gifting someone a book is like sending them on a mental vacation for free.
Topics like politics, culture, tradition etc. are very common discussion topics among our family and friends. Often, one of our uncles or a friend does not agree with our ideas and fail to see the flaws in something.
In such cases, it is best to gift them a book about the same. A well-written book is much more convincing than any rant will ever be.
A message or inscription always goes well with a book, provided you do it in a neat and pretty way! You can tell someone what gifting that book means to you, or even express your feelings through the book.
At a time when many people haven’t met their family and friends for a long time because of the
pandemic, adding a quote or a picture adds a personal touch to the gift.
Even if the person you want to gift a book doesn’t like them at all, still there is one book that is sure to impress him/her! Books come in every genre, style, and font size.
There are books on every topic. For kids there are story books, drawing books, colouring books; for youngsters there are novels, general knowledge books, for elders there are mythological books, so there is a book for everyone.
Even though not literally, as books might crumble after many years, but the stories and memories that come along with them always stay with you and last forever. Thus, by giving someone a book, you engrave a permanent memory in their mind. Every time they read the book, they will recall the person who has gifted the book.
So, gift a book today to encourage reading habit and also giving wings to one’s imagination.
Suman Sharma,

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