Benefits of Space Research

Dear Editor,
I am sure you would know about Apollo 11-The first human landing on moon, Sputnik-1 the first artificial satellite of the world, Chandrayaan-3-The first landing on the moon’s south pole and many more satellites which not only have studied the Earth and the moon but also have studied Sun and various planets, constellations, and other objects. But the question arises do you know about the benefit of space research? That’s why I am writing this essay to make you aware about the benefits of space research.
Starting with the most important point for which the most of the missions are being launched -EXISTENCE OF LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS there is a very simple solution to that; existence of water in liquid form and an atmosphere with a mixture of life supporting gases can be a habitat to lives in different forms like microbial form etc. and a recent study shows that aliens could feed on cosmic rays and that’s why missions are being launched to find life in either form because if because of the growing population of the world a planet where life exists can be an another abode to the humans.
A finding by NASA- Kepler-452b a planet beyond our solar system present in the constellation of Cygnus which takes 385 days to revolve around its star that is 20 days more than Earth and it is a little warmer than Earth and if water exists on this planet this could be a great finding for the human generation. Some instances of missions launched to study the distant planets are Voyager 1 an initiative by NASA which was programmed to flyby Jupiter and Saturn exceeded expectations by travelling into the interstellar space out of our solar system but unfortunately its camera ability was disconnected but it contains tapes of humanity which could be seen by another life form if it is present outside of our solar system. Another benefit of space research is for protecting humanity.
For ex. Many satellites are orbiting the Earth and inform their respective space stations if an asteroid, meteoroid comes near Earth mostly their destroyed by the atmosphere of Earth but some that are bigger in size can come and fall on the Earth. The last benefit is if you can’t find life because of only one element necessary for life is found produce the second element to make life possible there.
For ex. Mars has polar ice caps and liquid water also we don’t know that if it is drinkable but NASA is planning to send a crewed flight spacecraft to mission to Mars ahead of this NASA has made that area almost liveable by an initiative-MOXIE a microwave sized rover which was sent to Mars for producing oxygen but it produced double of the oxygen that NASA had thought of. In conclusion I would say that the growing world of AI in no time will clear all the myths of the Universe.
Raja Harteshvan Singh Pargal.

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