Barring entry of senior Hindi poet into Akhil Bharteey Hindi Kavi Sammelan organised by JKAACL

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight an incident in which a senior Hindi poet was barred from entering JKAACL. The incident of barring entry of senior Hindi poet Sheikh Mohammad Kalyan into Akhil Bharteey Hindi Kavi Sammelan organised by JKAACL is unfortunate and is criticised.
It is pertinent to mention that at present there is a dearth of academy officials with requisite qualification and deep knowledge of Hindi literature and language to take care of literary activities. Also, it is a matter of disregard of official language Hindi. The prevailing sycophancy in academy is another matter of concern. The sycophants are being propagated regularly or with regular intervals. All these reasons have contributed to falling standards of Hindi programmes.
Through your column I demand a probe into the incident and stressed a probe into the expenditure and activities of the academy. An officer with a basic knowledge of art and literature be posted as the Secretary of Jammu Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.

Prof. Ashok Kumar
Senior Hindi poet and critic.

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