ATD-2023 of School Education Department and Zonation

Dear Editor,
I am highly grateful to you for providing me a little space to highlight the grievances of those employees who are working far away from their residences (native districts) in other districts of UT of J&K who have to face many difficulties and hardships and were eagerly waiting for their transfers but became ineligible due to wrong zonation. Keeping in view the distance of schools from the District Headquarters, the schools have been categorized in Zone I, II, III, IV and V. The stay for Zone I, II, III shall be three years where as for Zone IV and V the stay shall be two and one year respectively. Is the stay same for the employees who are serving in out of the districts hundreds of kms away from their native districts? No, this thing has not been categorized in the transfer policy/ notification. The zonation of all schools of UT has been notified keeping in view the distance of the schools from the District Headquarter. If it is upto 7 Km from the District Headquarter it is placed in Zone I. If it is 20 Km from District Headquarter it is placed in Zone II. If beyond 20 Km to 40 Km from District Headquarter it falls in Zone III and if beyond 40 Km from District Headquarter, it falls in Zone IV. The zonation so formed is quite good for the employees of district cadre but not fit for the employees of provincial / UT Cadres. It needs to be clarified? Is the tenure of the employees serving in Zone I, II and III of their own district is same for the employees serving in Zone I, II, III of other districts that too 300 to 400 Km away from their native districts? Is it not a discrimination/ injustice with the employees of provincial/ UT Cadre serving far away from their residences? Is it not better to take into consideration the distance from the home address according to service record of the employees to the institution for zonation of institution for better results. In the recent transfer policy school education department has taken into consideration the notification issued by Govt. of India Ministry of Personnel , Public Grievances and Pensions dated 30th Sept 2009 for posting of both husband and wife at the same station if working in the same department and if the required level of post is available should invariably be posted together in order to enable them to lead a normal family life and look after the welfare of their children especially till the children attain 18 years of age. In the recent transfer policy school education department has given special consideration under caption ” where both husband and wife are in Govt. service they may be posted conveniently as far as practicable subject to the availability of posts” but in practice through online portal when such cases applied for transfer were shown ineligible / stay not matured. This thing also needs to be rectified or clarified. Hoping for early action in the matter.
Yours sincerely,
Naresh Kumar, Kishtwar.

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