An issue out of non issue

Dear Editor,
Politicians are well accustomed to make an issue out of non issue to be in news. It does not mean that there will be no issues for the politicians to take up. But they are more interested to go for the issues that can divert the attention of public.
Latest in the crop of news is Prashant Kishor’s objection for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar touching the feet of Modi. It does not matter anything for public if someone touches the feet of someone.
In fact people of Kishor’s ilk are giving publicity to a non-issue which bodes well for the politicians who hanker after publicity.
Kishor says Nitish Kumar has sold the dignity of Bihar people by touching the feet of Modi. Is Kishor the spokesman of the entire Bihar people who have authorised him to say that their dignity has been sold? Younger touching the feet of elders is the Indian culture. His charge that Nitish has touched the feet of Modi is to remain in power for period beyond 2025 lacks sense. If Nitish shows respect to Modi why is Kishor disturbed? Has Nitish asked Kishor to touch the feet of Modi? This is how an issue is made out of non issue. Touching the feet or getting the feet touched is the matter between Nitish and Modi. This is not at all an issue that should be taken note of. Known as poll strategist, his predictions of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections did not come true. If somebody’s predictions have come true it can be just coincidental. For it, Kishor cannot be blamed. But he would do well if he concentrates on his poll strategies and poll result predictions to attain perfection, it would be useful to those who are after him. Bihar people have not minced words for Nitish touching Modi’s feet. In politics people have divergent views on what to do and what not to do. What is sauce for goose may not be sauce for gander. One cannot impose one’s views on lifestyle of others so long as such lifestyle does not irritate others. Modi and Nitish may be having divergent views on some issues and identical views on some issues. It is common that in family also all the members do not have identical views on all the matters at all the time. But family members live together. One should be a cementing force in forging unity among people. Creating wedge among the people is bad quality of leadership. His views “if Nitish Kumar does not want, the government will not be formed in the country and he is in such a powerful position is at the height of absurdity. Government formation is done with the help of some other party or group of parties. Denying the benefit of government formation to the single largest party is betrayal of majority view explicitly expressed in favour of a particular party while exercising their voting rights. People are aware that Nitish cannot form the government with the number of seats his party has. In the present circumstances what Nitish has done is correct. He has respected the majority view. With all this, Modi’s charisma is not on wane. Modi has earned respect from people across the world. It is apalling that Kishor took dig at Nitish for spontaneously touching the feet of Modi. This is sad reflection of Kishor’s ill-will towards Modi.
K V Seetharamaiah

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