Ajay Gupta elected as President Private Schools Association Jammu


JAMMU: A noted educationist Ajay Kumar Gupta was elected as President of President Private Schools Association (PSA) Jammu after the successful conduct of elections at the Amar Singh Club, here on Saturday.
Representatives from 10 districts participated in the electoral process and 25 members from each district participated in the process and a total of 197 votes were cast.
Ten contestants were in fray for the posts of President, General Secretary and Treasurer of the Private Schools Association. The outgoing President Kamal Gupta declared the results.
Ajay Kumar Gupta was elected as the President with 189 votes, while Sat Paul Mansotra was elected as the General Secretary getting 152 votes and the post of the Treasurer was won by Sanjeev Luthra getting 176 votes.
The Election Commissioners Deepak Handa and Lal Chand Gandotra introduced the contestants to the voters.
The newly elected President of the Private Schools Association, Ajay Kumar Gupta, while addressing the gathering after the result, highlighted that all the members of the Private Schools Association will work together and despite being representatives of different areas our aims and aspirations are the same and we shall endeavour to overcome all the problems together and for this all of us have to be united and work towards achieving the common goals for the betterment of the Private Schools.
He also stated that we have to be firm and loud in expressing our concerns to the Government as they will be addressed only if we are firm and unrelenting in our resolve to solve all the issues pertaining to the Private Schools.
Sat Pal Mansotra thanked the Principals and Chairpersons of all the Schools who came in full support for the election process. He also thanked the outgoing President under whose guidance he had been working for so many preceding years.
The officials conducting the election included Maitreyi Jain, Er. Naresh Kumar, Karuneshwar Gandotra, Ram Prakash and Dr Vikram Handa.

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