625th Prakash Utsav of Mahan Spiritual Saint Kabir


India has been a land of saints, Sufis, Gurus, Sadhus and Faqirs. All were born during the period of Bhakti Movement centuries ago. At that time our country was under the dominance of Muslim rulers who were religiously very bigot, narrow-minded preferring their own religion to other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and the people were divided into various castes on the very basis of their religions.
Contemporarily, the spiritual personalities who in the form of Ramananda Ji, Kabir Dass Ji, Guru Gorakhnath Ji, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Ravidas Ji, Namdev Ji, Mira Bhai and many others appeared on the sacred soil of this country, stood for maintaining unity, amity, fraternity, equality advocating for casteless society, love for all, also fighting against the social evils such as untouchability, crimes, sin, communal hatred which had on the increase among the people of all religions. Kabir Dass Ji is considered one of the greatest social reformer who started reforming the social evils from the society through his philosophical logic, dohaas full of spiritual views about Almighty for that he had to be punished for many a times for raising his bold voice against injustice inflicted upon the innocent people. He did not get discouraged, continued his preaching, ultimately Sikander Lodhi, who was very fanatic, bigot and narrow-minded about his Muslimism, had to be bowed before the spiritual personality of Sadhguru Kabir Ji.
Sadhguru Kabir Ji was a great mystic poet of his time with every word of his poetry in the form of Dohas when recited in this millennium in any type of social or religious functions or at homes, temples, he does convey the depth of his inner feelings and the superb ideology to all of his listeners even today to guide us towards truth, righteousness and real enjoyment with its sweetness to be awakening all souls of the humanity. These days Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and entire people of SCs and Kabir Panthis including all others governmental , non-governmental organizations all over the country numbering in crores have enormous and unconditional love and respect, obeisance and dedication for the great Saint and they celebrate his Jayanti every year with great honour and festivity, dignity and devotion, hustle and bustle, zeal and zest.
Many legendary stories are linked with the philosophical views of great Saint Kabirji. In one of his couplet he had beautifully said, “Unche Kul Mein Janmaya Karni Unch Na Hoye.” He says that a priest, warrior, tradesmen and the people of all castes are seeking God alike. Hindus and Muslims alike have achieved that end. Where the caste matters? He says if God is in any mosque or temple then who is looking after this world outside? He says look within your heart and you will find both Ram and Rahim. All human beings of the world are His living form. Kabir is the child of Ram and Allah. He did not divide God/ Humanity on the basis of narrowness. In fact, he gave a universal path which could be followed by both Hindus and Muslims. He had beautifully said in his couplet, “Kabira Kaun Ek Hai Paani Bharen Anek, Bartan Mein Hi Bheed Hai Paani Sab Mein Ek”.
Sant Kabirji visited many places in India and abroad to preach his message. Once Kabir happened to visit Puri along with some of his saint fellows. The famous Puri temple had been damaged many a times due to the violent current of the sea and every time the king had to get it repaired. The king of that time on getting information that Kabir was staying here, went to him along with his queen and requested Kabirji to save the temple from further damages by visiting there.
On their request Kabirji went alongwith them and stood nearby the temple. The strong current from the ocean blew towards the temple and everybody present there was feeling that the currents would sweep everybody along Kabir with temple. But to the surprise of all of them the currents touched the feet of Kabirji and then retreated back. After this there has never any damaged to the temple of Puri.
Kabirji also visited Balkh (Afghanistan) where the king Abrahim has imprisoned many Sadhus and allotted the job of grinding grains in the jail. When Kabirji reached there in the jail to see the Sadhus, he was also imprisoned and entrusted with the same job of grinding without knowing who he was. He asked all the Sadhus not to renounce the God mantra given by him while grinding. While doing so all the grains were grinded and the entire stock of grains got finished in no time. When king Abrahim came to know about this miracle, he thought the Sadhu can be none other than Kabirji. He ( The King) begged pardon for his grave crime to be committed to Kabirji and became his disciple. On the insistence of Kabirji all the Sadhus were released from the prison. He was known as “Bandi Chor” by the people of that place which is still continuing in Balkh.
Kabirji also met his contemporary saints– Guru Nanak Dev Ji , Guru Ravi Dass Ji and exchanged spiritual knowledge with them who were also impressed by his revolutionary thoughts on spirituality. Describing Kabirji Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “Nanak Ki Sanchay Miti Sadhguru Mile Kabir.” While Ravi Dass Ji in his praise said, “Tab RaviDass Vichari Vata, Guru Saman Kabir Bare Brata.”
The writings of Kabirji are subject matter of research by many Indian and foreign scholars. Kabir Bijak, Kabir Granthawali and Anurag Sagar are some of his most revered works. His writings were mostly in the shape of Ramanis, Dohaas and Sakhis. The holy scripture of the Sikh religion Guru Granth Sahib contains the hymns of many saints of Bhakti and Sufii moments but Kabir’s contribution is the largest after the Sikh gurus. In his writings the illustrations of moral and spiritual truth are found in incidents of everyday life.
Once in a discussion Guru Gorakh Nath asked Sadhguru Kabirji, ” When did you become Ascetic ?. Kabir’s reply was, ” When he who has many forms had not yet begun his play and the world was not spread out, when there was no guru and no disciple and the supreme one was alone.”
His teachings are very much relevant even today- and are being preached by various sects in India and abroad alongwith Kabir Math of Varanasi. Saintly Kabirji cannot be described in words, we can only say ” Jai Kabir Dhan Kabir.”
Sadhguru Kabir was the pioneer of the Bhakti movement among all other saints between the period of 14th – 17th centuries. Many saints were born during this period who preached their ideas in the praise and devotion to God. The prominent among them were — Ramananad, Kabir Dass, Guru Nank dev, Guru Ravi Dass, Meera Bhai, Nam Dev, Guru Gorakh Nath. Sadhguru Kabir has a special place as his birth and death were cosmic events. Among all these great saints the appearance and disappearance of Kabirji was a mystery. He appeared on a lotus flower in a pond so called Lehar Tara at Varanasi in 1398 AD.( 1455BK) and left this world at Maghhar in Gorakhpur without leaving his body. Issueless muslim weaver couple namely Neeru and Neema happened passing nearby the pond and took him to their home started bringing him up.
Yet another legend story of Kabir Sahib is said to be as follows: King Sikander and Sheikh Takki were going alongwith Kabir ji. On the way, they saw some people carrying a decomposed body of a deceased person for throwing it into the Ganges. Sheikh Takki asked Kabirji to bring that dead body to life if he considered himself as the very light of God. All went to the dead body. It was the dead body of a young man. Kabir ji asked him to stand up by the grace of God. He got up at that very moment. Seeing this, the king all of a sudden said, ” It was a miracle.” Kabir Sahib named that boy as Kamaal.
When Sheikh Takki saw that Kabir had brought to life a decomposed dead body, he told him that his daughter had died a few days back and that he would recognise his greatness if he brought her back to life. All the three went to the grave of a girl. Reaching there, Kabir Sahib said, ” Oh Takki’s daughter, get up.” But the girl did not get up. He repeated it again but nothing happened. Then Kabir Sahib said, “Oh Kabir’s daughter, get up.” The girl at once got up. Sheikh Takki got pleased to see all this and cried up, my daughter, my daughter. The girl replied that she was no more his daughter. She was the daughter of Kabir Sahib. Kabirji named her to be Kamaali. Everyone takes both Kamaal and Kamaali as Kabir’s children but none knows the truth behind it.
Whenever someone asked Kabir ji about his marriage he always replied, that he had been married to Loyi meaning worship and devotion. Otherwise he had no life. He did not fall a prey to “Maya.”
In order to show to the people the real identity, he also performed a miracle at the time of his departure. The people believed that a fellow who died at Kashi attained salvation whereas one who died at Maghhar attained the Yuni of a donkey that straightway goes to hell. To put an end to this superstition Kabir Sahib left Kashi for Maghhar. Lakhs of people assembled where Kabir Sahib had to go to his Loka. Bir Singh Baghel, the king of Kashi and Bijli Khan Pathan, the Nawab of Awadh who were also the disciples of Kabir ji reached there. Each one of them wanted to take the dead body of Kabir ji for the performance of rites as per their own religion. But when the matter could not resolved in a peaceful manner. They took out their swords. It was decided that the winner would have the right to take possession of the dead body. At that time Kabirji performed a miracle. There appeared a dazzling light in the sky then there was a word which said, ” Utha Parda Nahin Hai Murda, Ey Re Moorkha Nadana, Tum Ne Humko Nahin Pahchana”.
English version follows: Lift the sheet. There was nobody underneath. Oh Fools! You failed to recognize me.
When the sheet was removed, there were only lotus flowers to be seen there. These flowers had been offered by the people but the hypocrites hide this facts as well. He was not a saint. He was in fact a saint producing mine– the Sat Purush Himself.
Taana Baana Tajeo Kabir, Ram Naam Likh Liyo Shireer.
Concluding lines I would like to spread a universal message given by the greatest saint Kabir to all mankind to follow the truthfulness, righteousness of the philosophy of spirituality shown by him many centuries ago.
Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala,Bura Na Milya Koi, Jo Dil Khoja Apna,Mujse Bura Na Koi.
In search of evil,I went around , None could I find; When I searched within, however, no one worse than me was found had any takers.

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