625th day of appearance of Sahib Kabir on earth

Satguru Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj

Kabir means that which has no body. And it is nothing but truth. Sant Dadu Dayal was holding a Satsang. He asked the devotees if any of them had sighted the vision of Sahib Kabir? An old man raised his hand. Dadu Dayal ji asked how he looked. He said that during his childhood his grandfather had taken him to Sahib Kabir’s cottage. He saw him and also saw that all the things lying behind him were visible. When he went behind, he saw that all the things lying infront were also visible. The things were visible from both the sides. Dadu Dayal ji asked for water. The disciple brought the water. He asked the disciple to wash the eyes of the old man with that water & then give that very water to him. Taking the water, In fact, the arrival as well as the departure of Kabir Sahib from the world has been miraculous. When Astha Nand ji, the disciple of Rama Nand ji, was absorbed in meditation on the bank of Lahar Tara pond in Kashi, a rare dazzling light descended down from across the sky in the middle of the pond.
He saw that light assuming the form of a baby on a lotus leaf. He was amazed to see all this and narrated the whole happening to Rama Nandji. The latter guessed that it was not an ordinary miracle. He said that the world would come to know of the greatness of that child in the time to come. Neeru and Neema happened to pass that way and they brought the child home. The worldly people made a fun of them in their own way. This is what the worldly people usually do. He began to spread the message of truth. But in order to ensure that the worldly people don’t get misled, he sought the shelter of Rama Nand ji who was a renowned guru of his time. The hypocrites began to defame him by spreading various kinds of rumours against him when they found that his truthful teachings were harming their interests.
O Saints! I have come from an unknown place. None has been able to know the secrets related to me.
All know that Sheikh Takki made many attempts to kill Sahib Kabir but only some rare ones know that he made 52 such attempts to kill him though it is a different thing that each time he had to suffer a humiliating defeat.
When all his attempts failed, he took out his sword and began to hit Sahib Kabir with it. The sword moved about even and went across his body but it failed to have any effect. This is because he had no body. It only looked to the worldly people as a body.
The hypocrites hid these cruelties meted out to Sahib Kabir. Instead, they coined fictitious stories about him. After all, for what fault of Sahib Kabir, was he tortured like that. Today, we are following his foot prints. His saying are being broadcast from the temples and the Gurudwaras. No doubt, the worldly people worship the dead ones. They never worship the enlightened souls during their life time. You will be astonished to know that more than 50 crore people follow the teachings of Sahib Kabir in the world of today.
Every enlightened soul has to struggle hard in his life time. This is because a true sage can never please all. When he speaks against the hypocrites, he is opposed & denounced. He who is not denounced, can’t be taken as a great man. This is because he remain busy in pleasing the world. He can bring no reforms. Instead, he moves like others alongwith the waves of time. A real great man is one who makes others follow his path.
That is why those whose self interests are harmed, become violent like Takki.
King Sikandar and Sheikh Takki were going along with Sahib Kabir. On the way, they saw some people carrying a decomposed body of a deceased person for throwing it into the Ganges. Sheikh Takki asked Sahib Kabir to bring that dead body to life if he considered himself as the very light of God. All went to that dead body. It was the dead body of a young man. Sahib Kabir asked him to stand up by the grace of God. He got up at that very moment. Seeing this, the King, all of a sudden, said, “It is a miracle”. Sahib Kabir named that boy as Kamal.
When Takki saw that Sahib Kabir had brought to life a decomposed dead body, he told him that his daughter had died a few days back & that he would recognise his greatness if he brought her back to life. All the three went to the grave of the girl. Reaching there, Sahib Kabir said, “O Takki’s daughter, get up.” But the girl didn’t get up. He repeated it again but nothing happened. Then Sahib Kabir said, “O Kabir’s daughter get up.” The girl at once got up. Takki was pleased to see all this & cried, my daughter, my daughter. The girl replied that she was no more his daughter. She was the daughter of Kabir. Sahib Kabir gave her the name of Kamali.
Everyone takes Kamal & Kamali as Sahib Kabir’s children but none knows the truth behind it.
Whenever someone asked Sahib Kabir about his marriage, he always replied that he had been married to Loyi (meaning worship & devotion). Otherwise, he had no wife. Almost all the saints that appeared after Sahib Kabir remained unmarried. Those who got married, deserted their homes & became Sanyasis after attaining the spiritual knowledge. When they remained unmarried, how could Sahib Kabir, the founder of Sant Matt, be expected to marry. He didn’t fall a prey to Maya.
In order to show to the people his real identity, he performed a miracle at the time of his departure. The people believed that a fellow who died at Kashi, attained salvation whereas one who died at Magghar, attained the yuni of a donkey. To put an end to this superstition, Sahib Kabir left Kashi for Magghar.
Lakhs of people assembled at the place from where Sahib Kabir had to go to his Loka. Bir Singh Baghel, the king of Kashi & Bijli Khan pathan, the Nawab of Avadh who were also the disciples of Sahib Kabir, reached there. Each of them wanted to take the dead body of Sahib Kabir for the performance of last rites as per his own religion. When the matter couldn’t be solved in a peaceful manner, they took out their swords. It was decided that the winner would have the right to take possession of the dead body. At that time, Sahib Kabir performed a miracle. There appeared a dazzling light in the sky.
Lift the sheet. There is no dead body underneath. O fools! you failed to recognize me.
When the sheet was removed, there were only lotus flowers to be seen. Those flowers had been offered by the people. But the hypocrites hid this fact as well.

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