3 Gandhi Nagar shop owners booked for selling underweight cakes

JAMMU: The department of Legal Metrology Department (LMD) booked three shop owners of Gandhi Nagar for selling under weighed cakes.
According to Manoj Prabhakar, Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology Consumer protection, on the basis of complaint of Consumer Welfare Association, one of the officer acting as a dummy consumer and purchased 1 kg cake from each of the leading traders in Gandhi Nagar area at Rs 600, Rs 400 and Rs 500. On weighing the cake it was found to be net of 775 gms, 875 gms and 850 gms.
It was found that cake was weighed along with cardboard tray to compensate for the weight loss of the cakes. On further scrutiny the market value of the tray, the average rate came to Rs 8 thereby the gullible consumers were made to purchase that tray along with the cost of the cake. On calculations it was revealed that consumers were robed off by Rs 80 to Rs 130 extra per kg on the sale of cake.
Accordingly M/s Jai Hind Bakery, M/s Dayal and M/s Renuka Cake were booked for selling cake short in weight under the relevant provisions of the law enforced for the purpose and cases recommended for Legal proceedings in the appropriate Court of Law. All the three defaulters were directed to display conspicuously the rates of the different varieties of the eateries along with the weight of the tray so that consumer can correlate and get actual weight paid for.

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