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Adulteration in the festive season


Dear editor,
As soon as the festive season begins, people have started preparing vigorously to celebrate the festival at their own level all over the country. On festivals, everyone buys new clothes, ornaments, sweets and fruits according to their own approach. India has a tradition of celebrating festivals with laughter and joy.
From Dussehra to Diwali, there are about a dozen small and big festivals in the month of October. All festivals are rooted in our folk culture. We have been singing, dancing and singing since the beginning And have been celebrating their festivals with food and drink. As the festive season begins, from gold to the kitchen, goldsmiths also get active. Mixing everything has become commonplace.
A festival is incomplete without sweets. It cannot happen that the festival comes and we do not eat sweets. Sweets double the festive cheer.
Adulterers also wait for the same, their shops are decorated with colorful sweets and we buy those sweets without checking. Adulterant high profits The adulterers are not even afraid of the rules and regulations. Especially the mixing of impure, cheap and unnecessary things in food and drinks is called adulteration.
Today in the society, adultery is seen everywhere. From water to gold, the adulteration market has shaken our very foundations, earlier only water in milk and vegetable (dalda) in domestic ghee was heard of, but today almost everything in the household is used. Mixing is getting mixed up.
It means the mixture of extraneous, artificial or other bad things in natural elements or substances. Profiteers dream of becoming rich overnight.
To make their dreams come true, they unthinkingly resort to adulteration by mixing genuine and pure goods with cheap and cheap ones at high prices. By selling, people are not only cheated, but our health is also played with.
Every year thousands of people lose their precious lives due to various diseases due to adulterated substances The business of adultery is seen everywhere. From milk sellers and adulterants to well-known companies have captured the adulterant market. The truth is that whatever we are eating, all those things are getting adulterated.
According to doctors and health experts, such fruits are very harmful for health. Paraffin wax (wax) is also being applied to make the fruits bright.
Eating these fruits causes diseases like cancer and diarrhea.
Oxytocin is being used a lot in dairy and agricultural products, especially raw vegetables.
Adulteration is considered a serious crime in our country. If adulteration is proved, the accused is sentenced to life imprisonment under section 272 of Indian law.
Loss of eyesight and disability are also suffered. When the adulteration is proved, sometimes the news about the arrest of small-time adulterants is read and heard, but the people who do the wholesale trade of adulteration often stay away from the reach of the law.
Vijay Garg.

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