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Abuses are my nutrition, says PM Modi, slams TRS in T’gana for family politics


HYDERABAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday made the “family politics” jibe at the ruling TRS in Telangana and said the state needs a government that works for all families and not just one.

Seeking to make light of criticism from his adversaries, Modi said the “2-3 kg” of abuses he receives everyday keep him going to serve people as such words are the “nutrition” that turns the harsh remarks into positive energy.

“The agenda in politics should be service-oriented. But in Telangana the mandate of those who got mandate–their entire focus is to abuse Modi. Sometimes people ask me, Modiji, are you not tired. Yesterday I was in Delhi in the morning then Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and now in Telangana. People ask me whether I don’t get tired,” he said at a public meeting here.

“Then I will tell them that daily I consume 2-3 kg of abusive words. And God has created me in such a way, God has blessed me in such way that all those abusive words are processed and converted as nutrition in my system. It becomes positive energy which will be helped to serve the people,” the PM said.

He further stated that some people, out of disappointment, depression and fear have ‘exhausted’ the dictionary to abuse him.

He asked his supporters not to be concerned with such abusive language as the rival was left with nothing other than such words.

“Don’t worry about it. I for the past 22 years received a variety of abusive words. Just laugh at them, have tea. The Lotus will bloom. go with that happy feeling,” he said. The BJP is making all efforts to challenge the ruling TRS in the 2023 Assembly polls. Lotus is the party’s symbol.

Those who abuse him day and night and also keep on searching for new abusive words.

“I want to tell them, whatever quantity of abusive words you use against Modi, I will digest all of them. You abuse BJP, no problem. We grew like that. But if you abuse the people of Telangana, then it becomes give and take,” he warned.

Training his guns against the K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS, Modi said the party on which people reposed faith has betrayed them.

Modi, who addressed BJP workers at the Begumpet airport here soon after his arrival for a visit to the State, said he regrets that the people who flourished and got power in the name of Telangana have pushed it backward.

“The government and the leader here continuously do injustice to the capacity of Telangana and the talent of the people of Telangana. The party which the Telangana people trusted the most, the same party has done the biggest betrayal to Telangana,” he charged, without naming TRS.

However, the Lotus starts blooming in circumstances when there is darkness, he reiterated.

In an obvious reference to the TRS frequently attacking him, Modi said he remains unperturbed by such criticism and appealed to the BJP activists in the State to not to worry about it.

He appreciated the BJP activists for remaining committed to service and keeping up the fight in the face of alleged tyranny.

Referring to the recent bypoll to Munugode Assembly where BJP stood second, he said the way the people of the constituency showed confidence in the party was, according to him, unprecedented.

The BJP workers have brought the entire Telangana government to one Assembly segment (Munugode), he said. People’s blessings are with the party, he said.

“In recent times, whatever bypolls were held, the message is loud and clear that the sunrise is not far in Telangana. Darkness will vanish. Lotus will bloom everywhere in Telangana,” Modi said, referring to the BJP’s successes in Dubbak and Huzurabad Assembly bypolls during the last two years.

Superstitions are being practised in the city, known for its information technology ecosystem, he said and opined such beliefs decide governance, in what seemed to be a veiled reference to Chief Minister Rao.

“Now, Telangana people want a government that works for all the families of Telangana instead of a single family,” Modi said while indirectly referring to the Chief Minister.

“They want a BJP government,” he added.

Recalling his speech from the Red Fort earlier where he spoke against family politics, Modi said the country is watching the people’s anger against corruption and family politics in Telangana.

“I assure the people of Telangana today. Those who loot the poor will not be spared,” he said.

Some people are trying to unite to save themselves from action and form an alliance of the corrupt, but people of Telangana and the country are watching this, and understand what is happening.

Corruption and family politics are the biggest enemies of the poor and development, and the BJP is fighting against them, he said.

He spoke about the NDA government’s efforts in direct benefit transfer, removing corruption in the process.

He highlighted his government’s welfare schemes, including free ration and the free vaccination drive.

He said the Telangana government talked about building double-bedroom houses for poor but it did not let houses to be constructed under the PM Awas Yojana.

“Today, Telangana wants positivity, progress that only BJP can give,” he said.

Chandrasekhar Rao did not receive the Prime Minister at the Begumpet airport.

Ruling TRS MLC K Kavitha alleged the Prime Minister came empty-handed without announcing anything concrete for Telangana.

“Today Prime Minister Modi came to our State. He came empty-handed…other than delivering empty words, he doesn’t do anything good for us,” said Kavitha, daughter of Chandrasekhar Rao. (PTI)

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