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Abacus and Vedic Maths educational training sessions organised at JKPS Panjtirthi

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JAMMU: A child’s mind is primed for learning, but it needs early experiences to wire the neural circuits of the brain that facilitate learning, hence training the brain becomes vital. There are specific activities that may stimulate the right brain.
To make Maths calculations easy, fast, accurate and interesting, to eradicate the fear of mathematics, Abacus and Vedic Maths educational training sessions by Gurukul Vedas were organised at JK Public School (JKPS) Panjtirthi.
Himakshi Kaul, the founder, Ninoo Pandita the co-founder and Vinay Koul the team member of Gurukul Vedas were the resource persons from Delhi.
Through various calculations and illustrations they demonstrated that Abacus is one of the best tool, that enhances the concentration level of children and The Vedic mathematics methods are very creative and useful which can be applied in a number of ways to calculate various methods in arithmetic and algebra.
Himakshi Koul explained, “Abacus is a concentration improvement and brain development programme through the concept of visualisation. It is fun way activity to do calculations easily and stress free.”
Ninoo pandita revealed, “Vedic mathematics is a mathematical methods for fast calculating which was origin from the fourth Veda called Atharva Veda. Basic 16 sutras were introduced in Vedic mathematics which are used to calculate more than 10-15 times fast. Vedic mathematics was introduced in the early age of 20th century. It is one of the in-demand programs for schools as one the leading fun loving activity for children for fast calculations in maths. It undoubtedly increases the overall ability in child.”
Jakiians actively participated in the sessions and brilliantly responded and made the two way communication interesting, involving and captivating .
The resource persons explained the various terms conditions, courses, enrollment process and services about the online and offline abacus and Vedic Maths educational training programme.
The Principal of JKPS Panjtirthi, Suman Banbah expressed, “If concentration, memory power and creativity improve, the child’s overall performance automatically improves.”
She added, “I am overwhelmed to observe the thrill and excitement on the students’ face when they used the different tricks. The team of Gurukul Vedas brilliantly explained the magic of abacus and Vedic Maths to students.”

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