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Aaj Desh Mein Ek Aisi Sarkar Hai Jo Mahilayon Ki Samaseyaon Ko Smajhne Ka Lagatar Pryas Kar Rahi Hai: PM Modi


Then why MoW&CD is still saying “In view of role of Anganwari Workers making them regular employees not feasible”

Mehilayon Ke Mudde Bhajpa Keliye Chunabi Mudde Nahin Hain Balke Bhajpa Ki Har Yojna Ka Praantatv Hain: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, while addressing BJP Karyakartas at the party headquarters in New Delhi on December 8, 2022 has said “Aajkal Yeh Charcha Bhi Bahut Hoti Hai Ki Desh Ki Mehlayien Matayein Betiyaan Akhir Bhajpa Par Itna Ashirwad Kyon Barsati Hain, Agar Koyi Imandari Se Atmchintan Kare Toe Yeh Payega Ki Azadi Se Pehle Pehli Bar Aaj Desh Mein Ek Esi Sarkar Hai Jo Mehlayon Ki Samaseyaein, Un Ki Chunotiayaan, Un Ki Avashyaktayein, Un Ki Akasheyayein, Use Smajhne Ka Lagatar Preyaass Kar Rahi Hai Aur Uske Anusar Kam Ki Yojna Yein Banati Hai.
Gaon Dehat Se Lekar Shehar Tak, Ghareloo Karya Mein Vayast Mehla Se Le Kar Rojgar/Swarojgaar Karne Baliya Kisi Rojgar Se Judi Mehlayon Ke Liye Jitna Bhajpa Sarkar Ne Kiya Hai Utna Pehle Kisi Bhi Sarkar Ne Nahin Kiya! .. Isliye Jab Bhi Chunaab Hote Hain Toe Desh Ki Matayeian Behne Beteeyaan Kamal Ke Nishan Ka Sirf Battan Hi Nahin Dawati Unke Haath Mein Ek Ashish Ka Bhav – Ashirwad Ka Bhav Hota Hai. Mehlayon Ke Mudde Bhajpa Ke Liye Chunabi Mudde Nahin Hain Balke Bhajpa Ki Har Yojna Ka Praantatv Hain. Mehlayon Ke Jeevan Ko Aasan Banana Hi, Mehlayon Ko Jeada Se Jeada Rojgar Ke ,Swarojgar Ke Muheyaa Karana Hi, Yeh Bhajpa Ki commitment Hai.”.
Prime Minister Modi has always been taking the issues related to woman as his ‘flagship issues’ , the issues of the Anganwadi Workers (AWW)/ Anganwadi Helpers ( AWH) too do need very considerate action.
May the Prime Minister is not being properly informed about the job these women are doing and the problems they have been facing before 2014 and are still facing.
No doubt Prime Minister Modi’s concern for the Matri Shakti and young generation of Bharat is unquestionable and he is always prepared to deliver the best of possible good . But still It appears the real issues on ground are not placed before Prime Minister , otherwise it cannot be possible that the genuine issues of woman Anganwadi workers are left unattended by government.
Government of India must take notice of the demands being made by Anganwadi Workers who have been and are the life line of more than 47 year old Anganwadi Centre Scheme of Government of India being operation since 1947 and all the core workers being women, that too mostly from rural & low income families as regards their ‘ honorarium’ / wages and terms of employment.
It has been only due to their economic compulsions that inspite of they being paid only meagre amounts as honorarium by governments still there are many in line for seeking ’employment’ when ever government advertises any requirements. .
On these AWWs depends the success of the Scheme and the future of the children of 0-6 yrs of economically weaker parents living in rural / sub-urban / urban slums and in case the AWWs/ AWHs remain under economic stresses as well as social strains it is very much doubted that they would be able to perform their duty effectively that need emotional inputs as well as physical inputs from their side. So taking them as regular government employees and in Pay Level atleast L-2 if not Level -4 is justified from all accounts looking at their job profile and responsibility given. Present ‘pay’ level is highly unjustified.
Rumours are also there that Government is considering giving this work to NGOs and in case the wage levels / other inputs from government side are kept as at present the quality is going to suffer still more.
Will the Minister of Women and Child Development, Smriti Zubin Irani atleast take leads from what Prime Minister has said about his intimate concern for the issues related to woman and rework on the genuine requirements of about 25 Lakh women working in the Anganwari Service Centres and crores of expecting mothers / lactating mothers/ under nourished woman/ children belonging to economically depressed village classes/ girl child who are the targeted beneficiaries of the work being done by Anganwadi Workers ?
As regards the financial requirements there should not be any reservations since on date the Anganwadi Workers are the must need like any other government employee and hence they should be paid genuine remunerations as become due to them without pleading that even on the basis of present scheme of honorarium there is rush of ‘job seekers’ since it is not fair to exploit the needy/ unemployed / those under economic stresses. We must have schemes delivering quality and not simple numbers.
(The author is Sr Journalist, social activist and analyst J&K affairs [email protected])